Our latest play session – with 37 FAMILIES!

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3 October 2020


We thought it was last week… but this Saturday really was our BIGGEST SESSION EVER! 37 families joined us for a brilliant and very exciting morning!

In the FUNKY CHICKEN we all came up with brilliant animals! Michris’s Funky Dog 🐕 , Leslie’s Dying Fly, Ala and Ruta’s Naughty Seagull, Bence and Imre’s Flopping Fish 🐠 , Simmi’s Angry Bear 🐻 , Amanda’s Crazy Horse 🐴 , Priscilla’s Scary Dog 🐶 , Amir and Ameen’s Angry Cat 🐱 , Arshyian and Injeela’s Jumpy Monkey 🐵 , Meerab’s Angry Elephant 🐘 , Marvellous’s Funny Wolf 🐺  and Iona’s Delicious Donkey! Phew!

We had an especially brilliant moment when Erin and Ethan gave us a verse of the Funky Chicken in Shona language from Zimbabwe! 🇿🇼

After singing JELLY ON HIS HEAD, we all came up with our own characters! Anaya and Ayesha went to bed with pyjamas on their heads! Adesire told us about a Fairy who went to bed with oranges in her mouth! Abdulmateen went to bed with meatballs on his head! Sayeh introduced us to Rebecca who went to bed with slime on her head! Aliya told us about Matilda who went to bed with soup on her face! And Gyan and Aygei went to bed with a plate on their heads! How on earth do they all sleep at night?! 😝

We finished with a wonderful session of MAGIC BALL, where we 🇸🇩 flew to Sudan, met the 🐜 Ant Queen and ate🍦 ice-cream!

Remember, there’s no session this Saturday, but we’ll be back on Saturday 17 October. See you then!

Iona 😊🌻🎈

30 September 2020


It was our final Wednesday session for a while this week – so it’s a good thing we made it a session to remember! 😊 Twelve families took part this week, so there were lots of ideas when we found the MAGIC BALL and landed in… Antarctica!

🥶 It was very, very cold so Esther handed out hats and scarves and Saif gave us super super warm shoes!
🎣 We were hungry so we went fishing… Ousaino and Marie’s fish were enormous! Iona caught a happy pink shark that Ameen saw last week, and she threw it to Boatemaa who told us that the pink shark would grant us a wish!
🐡 Suddenly, Marvellous and Tobi caught the most beautiful golden fish in the world!
🥪 We decided to follow it and it led us to a great big underwater tower where we ate magical cheese and ham sandwiches!
🎅 From the top of the tower Said spotted evil Santa capturing real Santa!
🇫🇷 But he didn’t have time to help real Santa because after three bites the sandwiches transported us to the Eiffel Tower in Paris! How amazing!

1 October 2020


What a brilliant session we had on Thursday! We started by singing about Mary Mac and making ourselves as Big as a Bear, and as Fast as a Hare in the warm up. Then we even managed to fit in a fabulous FUNKY CHICKEN before learning JELLY ON HIS HEAD, a song all about people going to bed with funny things on their heads… like Grace with fried egg on her face! Everyone came up with their own brilliant characters!

🧁 Gyan and Aygei introduced us to Jonathan with a blueberry muffin on his leg!
🍧 Simmi came up with Kikki with jelly on her head
🍫 Arshiyan told us about David with chocolate on his head, and Rohan introduced us to Freddy with chocolate on his mouth
💁‍♀️ Emma and James came up with Sally who had vanilla on her shoulders!

The we found the MAGIC BALL and our adventure was filled with delicious sweet treats – hooray! 🍪🍭🍬 We went to Jelly Land, found a Biscuit Tree, fed biscuits to the Biscuit Monster, flew on a plane and saw cotton candy clouds, then drove home in a Jelly Taxi


Exploring with Jack… and Iona!

When Jack got his Magic Map out this week, there was a big surprise waiting for him… it was IONA! They decided to go on an adventure together, so they were both excited when they landed and found themselves somewhere utterly magical – The Land of the River People! 🌊

Follow their imaginative adventure as they watch the ⛵ RIVER PEOPLE bobbing along in their boats, find 🌸 DANCING flowers with magic dust (you won’t be able to stop dancing!), see 🌿 EXPLODING plants, and find the ancient city of the ⛰️ MOUNTAIN PEOPLE

If you live near a river why not go out and have your own adventure? There’s SO much to see and do on the riverbank!

More Activity Videos!

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⭐  The next one is on Saturday 17 October, so please get in touch this week if you’d like to come! We’ll ask you to join the video a little bit earlier, so we can say 👋🏾 a big hello👋🏾, let you know how it all works, and you can ask any questions you may have. Please email cfn@licketyspit.com or text/call 07413 800 342  and we’ll give you all the details!

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