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23rd February 2023 Licketyspit is a pioneering children’s rights-based theatre and play organisation, based in Glasgow and a national centre of excellence for Storyplay – a unique approach to children’s rights-based intergenerational engagement through drama-led play. We are seeking new board members to join our highly motivated team –  for more information on what this involves and how to apply download our Licketyspit Board Application Pack. We look forward to hearing from you!   Contact details Licketyspit Theatre Company, Community Central Hall, 292-316 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 7YE T: 0141 237 3067 E: All enquiries please contact artistic director, Virginia Radcliffe on Watch

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A Sea Horse Race is about to start!


Wednesday 15th November 2023 Hello, welcome everybody! Come to play in Whiteinch Library! Porridge & Play is here today! For games and food and friends and cheer - Hooray!! We make ourselves as Big As Bear For a right good old warm up For our bodies, our voices and our ideas And to have a right good laugh! A Naughty Fish and an Evil Spider A Spinning Unicorn, a Meow Meow Cat! The Funky Chicken has many friends And you don’t get funner than that! Dressing up with old clothes Be someone that you’re not Pretend to be an owl a bear, a squirrel, or a frog or a leopard covered in spots! We now are in a forest Where we find there are Wolves! Who howl, awooo awoo awooo! Keep busy and always chat! They tell the time by gorgeous watches!   ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ the creatures ask, ‘It’s 5 o’clock my creature dears’ It’s nearly DINNER TIME! We find a Magic Ball, We blow to make it big We climb inside And we decide To go for a nice dip! We appear at the seaside We dive into the sea We find a whale that’s sad Because a bunch of crabs took over her crib And made her mad! A Sea Horse Race is about to start. We all want to take part! Get [...]

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A Very Hungry Giant in Witchland!


Wednesday 1st November 2023 We had an incredible time with our Whiteinch Library families at our Spookiest Porridge & Play Whiteinch session yet! And it was great to be joined by some new faces too! To set the tone for a spooky Storyplay adventure Steven read the Wee Witches poem by our very own Virginia! Sitting in our circle we all paused to listen…   “What do you think a witch is like? Does a witch ride a broomstick or ride on a bike? Does a witch wear gold? Or red, or black?.... ..... How would like a witch to be? Is it like her or is it like me.” With that final question we found ourselves thinking… well... the witches could all of us? In fact, we could all be whatever witches we want to be... Let's... DRESS UP AS WITCHES!!! GREAT IDEAA!!!! Super great in fact because at Licketyspit we know that dressing up and getting into character is something we can ALL do, all we need is a bag of old clothes and our imaginations to transform into whatever our Witchy hearts and minds desire!! So, with us all dressed up it was time to meet some new Witchy friends! Woosh round the room into the magic circle we met Witch Bronwyn who lives in the clouds, Witch Amjad who lives on the moon. [...]

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Let’s bake a cake with expired hot dog shoes!


Wednesday 25th October 2023 We LOVE food at Whiteinch Library Porridge & Play! We love to EAT it, MAKE it and even WEAR IT! Our Whiteinch friends had a grand time at Porridge & Play this week exploring all things foodie… We made a fab MUCKY BREW! We got to make a fantastic mess wearing all sorts of imaginary food... Egg, flour, expired hot dogs for shoes, last week’s chocolate candy in your ears, donuts on your face… The MUCKY BREW can go on forever because at the end, when you are all messy and sticky you can just hop in the shower and wash yourself to the tune of ‘The Washing Song!’ We BAKED A CAKE with the input of our fantastic Whiteinch Chefs who are packed full of pioneering culinary ideas! The result was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Check out these incredible ingredients: Baking soda, cow’s milk , 3 eggs, flour, chocolate, 1 glass of sugar, baking powder, fish, 3 drops of strawberry, a smelly sock, lemon zest, mango, 30% baking soda, roses, a strawberry donut, 3 packets of oreos and a rainbow lassoed out of the sky! We stirred in EVERYTHING, baked it in the oven and had a great tasting session and chat about our edible creation. And of course we ATE the lovely Porridge & Play spread like we do in every session [...]

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Week one Porridge & Play at Whiteinch Library!


Flying Balloons & a Great Granny Convention! Wednesday 18th October 2023 Have you been to the beautiful Whiteinch Library? It is a lovely building, cozy and warm with lovely librarians who are most helpful and welcoming! Aren’t we lucky to have libraries - such fantastic places to visit to read or borrow books, meet friends, discover and explore stories, knowledge and mysteries but also to have Storyplay with us? So this week we met Whiteinch pals old and new at Whiteinch Library for our first Storyplay of the Autumn! We danced and warmed up, played Funky Chicken, flew high up in the sky on our very own Flying Balloons to explore Glasgow and the world and we dressed up as Whiteinch Grannies attending a Granny Convention! Taz was Ninja Granny and lived in an old shoe, Nina was a Granny who lived in a chocolate house, watches TV and likes to dance! Freddy was Fairy Granny who lives in a big,big,big,big blue shoe and invites friends over to play power rangers. She watches TV and her fave food is chocolate. Carmen was Granny Susan who constantly has cold hands!She lives in the North Pole also in an open plan shoe with her seal, Zofia was Granny Sweet who lived in a hut in Candyland and has a sweetie bunny pet. She lives in a house made [...]

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International Play Association Conference


Storyplay Champions rock the IPA Conference 8th June 2023 We were so proud of our 13 Storyplay Champion children & mums showing the world what children can do at the International Play Association Conference! Earlier this month they joined Taz, Andre, Ruby and myself and represented the whole Licketyspit Children & Families Network at the IPA conference. The power of play, human connection and creativity improves our lives and we really felt that reverberate around the 500 strong conference hall as we kicked the day off with some Storyplay. Mahek, Fiire, Simmi, Pemi, William, Fatima, Ibrahim, Sam, Shawn, Desire and Lexi led the whole conference in the Funky Chicken! They showed delegates how we like to dress up, and then invited them on an adventure in the Magic Ball! Imagine, 500 people on a Storyplay adventure together - led by the children! After that it was up to the Lantern Room for a more intimate Storyplay session where delegates joined in with Witches Fingers and Grandma Grandma as well as dressing up themselves and diving into the sea on another adventure, whoooooosh! The afternoon was spent picnicking, playing and interviewing delegates about how they like to play, their homes and their views on children's rights. Big thanks to all the delegates from far and near who engaged with the children and families on this very special [...]

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Govan Picnic & Play Trip to Troon!


Picnic & Play Troon Thursday 6th July Jellyfish friends? Naughty Seagull Feather? Hot sweet chai? Anyone fancy digging a really deep hole?! Our Govan Picnic & play group were out in force on Thursday showing the rain clouds who’s boss… or rather showing them who was big as bears!! Thanks to Taz & her groovy moves we strut our stuff in a new game of: Dance grab! before running around in a game of Shark & Seaweed tag We had big fish and little seaweeds, so our big fish really had to get down in the sand and squeeze through. This made us giggle a LOT! It was then time for an adventure to the shore where we found: shells that looked like witches’ fingernails, tiny silver fish sea worms One of our lovely pals found the feathers of a giant bird… maybe an albatross (or possibly the naughty seagull) which Sarah fashioned as a pair of earring… alongside seaweed hair! We enjoyed a delicious picnic, warmed up by hot, sweet chai tea made by one of our lovely Mums’, Ala & Taz drew in the sand while some of us made giant bubbles & some of us got busy digging deep into the sand! Afterwards there was time for a quick play in the playground with Emma, Taz & Sarah while Ruby manned the fort before heading off [...]

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A Pizza Marshmallow Celebration Cake!


Celebration Wednesday 31st May Squishy Chocolate? Pineapple pizza? How about some M&Ms? My name is Chef Fanciful and it’s wonderful to be joined by so many friends! For our final session of this block, Porridge & Play Govan got down to some dancing, flying and baking! ‘It’s me baking the cake. I wished I could have a cake and the wish came true. (What did the cake have?) ‘Chocolate bananas, cake and pizza’ Bayan, 8 ‘This is a spider and a snake and a giraffe. This is a rocket’ (and on the other side…) ‘A cake! This is fire’ Ohi, 3 Sprinkles? Hard cheese? Strawberry laces? With this cake my bakery is really going places! We were so energetic helping Joe in the Button Factory and showing our best moves as all our friends arrived! Then Steven found some Flying Balloons, red and spotty and silver and blue. Up we flew, ever so high We saw tigers, giraffes and had a snow ball fight in the sky! We waved to our friends and circled around till a blue seagull POP! Took us back to the ground. Then it was time for our meal, with tabouleh made by Wafa and delicious cakes made by Ahlam & and Safana. What a party! Thanks for joining us at Porridge & Play Govan this [...]

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Licketyspit’s Annual Report 2022/23


25th May 2023 Presenting Licketyspit's 2022/23 Annual Report! We had a fantastic year working on lots of brilliant projects with wonderful families and partners. This included innovative training & co-delivery with Scottish Women's Aid, establishing new Porridge & Play hubs in Bridgeton, Castlemilk & Cranhill and getting back to in person sessions in some of our other communities. Highlights included: New Scots Porridge & Play Hubs Women's Aid Storyplay Big Porridge & Play Glasgow Year 6 Our first Storyplay Festival  Lickety Mums This report also includes a summary of our 2021/22 activity, as we were so busy last year we didn't manage to publish a report! Many of our projects spanned both years, some of the distinct 2021/22 activities were: Family Art Voyage Storyplay for the Planet National Museum of Scotland Film Virginia, our Artistic Director, said: "Licketyspit has been very busy over the last few years and we are grateful to the funders who have allowed us to break new ground training Women's Aid Workers and establishing new Porridge & Play Hubs, staying connected with our online community and taking Storyplay as a children's rights approach to new heights and possibilities. "We hope you will enjoy this summary of Licketyspit’s adventures and discoveries in our 2022 Annual Report." Download our Annual Report

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The Forest Grannies and the Monster Trees!


Week 3 Wednesday 17th May In the deep deep forest of Govan one can enjoy many interesting places and spot fantastic creatures. Have you ever seen a Silly Cat and Scary Cat hang out together? Or a Slithering Snake roaming in the undergrowth? What about a Crazy Dolphin bathing in a pond or a Dying Fly chilling on the ground? There’s a Small Ant over there and Big Elephant over here! A Sleepy Giraffe taking a nap, a Quacking Duck dancing about and a Barking Dog saying hello from afar! Then there’s the part of the woods where the Forest Grannies live… Granny Chibu likes cereal for breakfast. Granny Ala has a forest room inside her house! She has trees with apples, oranges and watermelon and she makes chips for breakfast! Granny Zakiyah has a medium sized tree house. She lives with her family and likes omelettes in the morning! Granny Anas lives in a candy house & Granny Tibyan lives in a treehouse. They both grow pumpkins and make pumpkin soup for breakfast.  Granny Firas and Granny Shams grow oranges, apples, mangos and pineapples and they have bread and milk & cookies for breakfast. And all these Grannies know that although it may sound like a rumour, the truth is that the trees at the far far end of their garden turn into Monster Trees when the [...]

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