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10th September 2021 We are excited to announce that we have a new job opening for... Communications Coordinator, Children & Families Network. Flexibility between at-home, in office and in local communities working, offered on a part time basis working out at £26,000 - £28,500 (0.5 FTE). Deadline for applications: 9am 30th September 2021 About us Licketyspit is a pioneering Scottish early years theatre company which has rooted its work in transformational drama-led children’s rights-based practice for twenty years. Our work springs from the connection between actors and children as ‘play experts’. Learning to consult children through play has led to a series of highly successful projects on a trajectory of discovery, which has coalesced as - Storyplay – a powerful and flexible children’s rights-based approach & methodology based on shared intergenerational imaginary play. Storyplay is being used in education, community and arts and cultural contexts; to support refugees and asylum seekers; and as a child consultation methodology through ‘Have Your Say Through Play’. Licketyspit’s Children & Families Network (CFN) is at the heart of our practice. The CFN is an 850-strong community of families who share Licketyspit’s children’s rights ethos and want continuing connectivity and opportunities to take part in Storyplay. Licketyspit's work is open to all, but the company prioritises its work in areas of high socio-economic challenge. About the role We are looking for a Communications Co-ordinator (Children & Families [...]

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Family Art Voyage


30th July 2021 Exciting opportunity for Artists to deliver workshops for Licketyspit Children & Families Network Licketyspit children’s theatre & play organisation seeks 6 artists to deliver 3 online workshops for 3-12 year olds and their parents/carers. Developed in close consultation with our Children & Families Network (CFN), Family Art Voyage seeks to take families on a shared voyage of creative discovery, in the familiar, supportive setting of their Licketyspit Porridge & Play group. We are looking for artists from a wide range of disciplines who have exuberance, strong social skills, a commitment to children’s human rights and a passion for social justice and equal access to the arts. CFN Children have expressed a particular enthusiasm for rap, chalk art, collage, dance and music but we are open to all artforms & workshop proposals that can be delivered effectively to this intergenerational age-group via Zoom. Successful applicants will receive a 2-hour training session in Licketyspit’s Children’s Rights-based ‘Storyplay’ approach to child and family engagement and Licketyspit’s Children’s Rights Guide for Artists. Session delivery must be rights-based and you will be supported by 2 of Licketyspit’s experienced Actor-Pedagogues. Please email shona@licketyspit.com for full job description & application. Deadline for applications, Monday 30th August at 11pm. Funded by Awards for All. Previous Feedback Feedback from Family Art Voyage [...]

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Lickety Mums Blog 3!


Monday 26th April 2021 The 4th Lickety Mums session last Monday was all about digital safety and creating awareness about how to protect our online presence. Dr Soumi Dey of the University of Glasgow was the guest facilitator for this session. Soumi is an adult educator and teaches courses in Education and Social Sciences. She has a PhD in Children’s Literature and is specially interested in how children learn from digital resources. She is also a mum of a primary aged child and loves sharing her learning experiences with other parents. Soumi said: All of the topics we covered and my "internetiquette tips" can be found below. It was great to interact with all the super engaged mums – you always impress me with your keenness to learn with children and be better parents. Great to have Ruby and Shona’s support and input too. Hope to see you all again soon! Soumi :) Image on right from: beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com/en_uk/interland/reality-river Our final session is on Monday 3rd May, Then the next block of Lickety Mums starts on Friday 7th May at 4-5pm - running every 2 weeks for 10 weeks. Soumi's Internetiquette Tips 1st: Do not give out personal details like your age, birthday, phone number, address, email or passwords. For children, [...]

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Lickety Mums Blog 2!


Tuesday 6th April 2021 The 2nd and 3rd Lickety Mums sessions covered a wide range of topics, including word processing, podcasts and knowing what's real and what's fake, on the internet. There was also plenty of time for discussion about things to do in Glasgow and the trials and tribulations of being moved house during the pandemic. Find links to all the websites and resources we looked at below. We also started the Licketypit Playlist, at Aya's suggestion, which you can listen to below too! Next time we'll be joined again by Dr Soumi Dey, for a session on online safety. We're looking forward to learning more about using social media safely and finding out exactly what 'internettiquette' is! See you then, Ruby & Shona :) Block One Schedule 4. Monday 19th April, 7-8pm 5. Monday 3rd May, 7-8pm The sessions are currently full but please get in touch if you would like to join a future block. Block 2 starts on Friday 7th May, 4-5pm. Mum's Tip Lydia shared advice on how she supports her children to use social media safely. By having open dialogue with them about what they are sharing, they always tell her when someone leaves a comment or likes their posts, so she can check it's someone [...]

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Lickety Mums!


Wednesday 10th March 2021 The first first block of Lickety Mums sessions started on International Women’s Day! 💃 It was a joy to come together with some of the Mums we see at our Porridge & Play sessions for a Mum-centred hour of discussion, skill sharing and good vibes! We started off stretching to I am Woman by Helen Reddy and danced our way out to Respect by Aretha Franklin! In the middle we did an introduction to the 5 Digital Rights and introduced couple of resources for developing digital literacy as a family. The Net Aware website for digital safety lets you search for Apps and learn about safety rating and how to make them even safer. Their tips for parents are also well worth a look. We also had a quick peek at Google's Internet Legends games and videos, which we'll come back to next time. Shona and Ruby were joined by Dr Soumi Dey, a Mum and specialist in children's emotional literacy, who'll be coming back to deliver a presentation at a future Lickety Mums Session. We can't wait to see you all again next time! Block One Schedule 1. Monday 8th March, 7-8pm 2. Monday 22nd March, 7-8pm 3. Monday 5th April, 7-8pm 4. Monday 19th April, 7-8pm 5. Monday 3rd May, 7-8pm The sessions are currently full but please [...]

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Andre’s Turn


In Porridge & Play we've been talking about Ceilidhs. Ceilidh is a Scottish word - in the Gaelic language - which is mostly used now to describe a Dance - with a Scottish band with maybe fiddle and accordion, where people do Scottish country dancing in big groups. BUT Ceilidhs have happened in Scotland for hundreds of years and the word Ceilidh really just means a get-together or a party! In this video Andre and Michael do a Turn where Michael is reads a poem he wrote in Scots - inspired by a Robert Burns poem called Tae a Moose! - and Andre dances the story of the poem. We hope you like it! Over to You! Maybe you'd like to do a Turn too? If so we'd love to see it and share it with everyone else in the Licketyspit Children & Families Network!   Get inspired with other CFN family creations here and here.

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Christmas Video Message


A 2020 Christmas Message from Licketyspit A Christmas Video! We hope you'll enjoy this Christmas message and demonstration of two great games to play over the hoildays, from Ruby, Iona and Taz. The holidays are a great time to play as a family. We hope you have a lovely Christmas break. The Licketyspit team will be on holiday between December 24th-Janueary 11th so if we don't get your message, we'll reply as soon as we're back. And remember, all we need to play is each other! What's in the video? 🤔 In the Way of the Word 💝 The Present Game! More Holiday Activities! There's lots more to do on our website. Find Playcard Videos in Come & Play. Watch the Lickety Activity films and make your own (like other CFN children have done!) And catch up with all of the Big Porridge & Play Blogs in Happening Now! We'd love to see what creative and playful activities you get up to over the holidays. Stay in touch! Come & Play Activity Videos BPPG BLOGS Licketyspit 2020 News Round-Up Click on the image on the right to read our reflections on a year like no other, and find out what's in store for [...]

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Dancing and singing with Adie Baako!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join. What an exciting week! 🎵 ‘Everybody! Bring your calabash! Bring your calabash!’ 🎶 At this week’s Big Porridge & Play Online sessions, we had the privilege of being joined by Adie Baako, a professional dancer from Ghana now living in Scotland, and enjoyed a week of dancing and singing and moving and grooving! We sang about the calabash, danced the Kpanlogo, a social dance from Greater Accra in Ghana, and found out all about Adie’s life! Learning about Adie’s life 🇬🇭 🎣 Adie is a dancer from Ghana, now living in Midlothian, near Edinburgh. He's been dancing professionally for 26 years and he told us how he started dancing when he was a wee boy growing up in a village. Adie grew up by the sea with his Dad, a fisherman, and his Mum, who worked selling in the markets. Before going to school Adie, like other children, would do chores in the house to help the family, fetch water for the pots, and then wash to get ready to go to school to learn. An early start in the morning for wee [...]

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Andre and Taz share this week’s BPPG highlights!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join. For this week's blog, Licketyspit actor-pedagogues Taz and Andre share some of their highlights from the action-packed Big Porridge & Play sessions. Wednesday 👨 Our action-packed session kick-started with Busy Joe’s button-pushing story in the song HELLO, MY NAME IS JOE. This catchy tune had us all defying gravity while pushing buttons with our hands, legs, head and tongues! 💃 After welcoming everyone we had a fantastic Dance Warm-Up with toe-tapping Indian beats and let me tell you, some of the moves were outstanding and full of joy! Smiles all round! 🐔 A sharp round of FUNKY CHICKEN followed where we met a Speedy Crab, a Scary Dinosaur AND a Silly Dinosaur, a Beautiful Rabbit, a Scary Lion and even a Dancing Parrot! 🏴‍☠️ This week’s Dressing Up got us all grooving and transforming into a mean and not so mean Pirate Crew of Misfits with Zofia Pink Mustachio Pirate, Terrible Frankie, Nuo Xuan Pirate Queen, Lily Rose of the Ocean, Felicia Fluffy Pirate and Fierce Sayeh to name a few! 🚢 Naturally, Captain Taz got her bossy bandana on and shouted orders at everyone. "Scrub [...]

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Aye aye, Captain! All aboard our Pirate Ship!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join. Saturday 7 November This week's Saturday session We enjoyed another ENORMOUS play session on Saturday - with 28 families joining us! 🐶 🐅🦋 After an energetic dancing warm up and a lovely stretch, we met all kinds of animals in the FUNKY CHICKEN! Queen & Faly’s Dying Fly, Miracle & Michelle's Silly Monkey, Junior's Funky Tiger, Arshiyan's Flying Fish, Affan's Fat Tiger, Fateh Kamila & Saif's Funky Dog, Anaya & Ayesha's Funny Parrot, Adesire's Funny Butterfly, Aroush's Cat and Iona’s Sneaky Sparrow... Woweee! What amazing animals you came up with! 🚢 🏴‍☠️ We then boarded a mighty PIRATE ship - and met lots of captains! Captain Brown, Junior, Princess, Michris, Muhammed and Sulyman ordered us to do lots of things like... scrub the deck, climb the rigging, walk the plank, and... SHARK ATTACK!  🌊🔮 Suddenly, the ship began to sink and we found ourselves under the sea! Iona spotted a MAGIC BALL so we swam and swam, got inside it and said the magic words. We undid our zips, and found ourselves... inside the stomach of a whale! 🐋 🐟 It smelt like rotten fish, and [...]

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