A Pizza Marshmallow Celebration Cake!

Porridge & Play Govan 2023


Wednesday 31st May

Squishy Chocolate? Pineapple pizza? How about some M&Ms?

My name is Chef Fanciful and it’s wonderful to be joined by so many friends!

For our final session of this block, Porridge & Play Govan got down to some dancing, flying and baking!

‘It’s me baking the cake. I wished I could have a cake and the wish came true. (What did the cake have?) ‘Chocolate bananas, cake and pizza’ Bayan, 8
‘This is a spider and a snake and a giraffe. This is a rocket’ (and on the other side…) ‘A cake! This is fire’ Ohi, 3

Sprinkles? Hard cheese? Strawberry laces?

With this cake my bakery is really going places!

We were so energetic helping Joe in the Button Factory and showing our best moves as all our friends arrived!

Then Steven found some Flying Balloons, red and spotty and silver and blue.

Up we flew, ever so high

We saw tigers, giraffes and had a snow ball fight in the sky!

We waved to our friends and circled around till a blue seagull POP! Took us back to the ground.

Then it was time for our meal, with tabouleh made by Wafa and delicious cakes made by Ahlam & and Safana.

What a party!

Thanks for joining us at Porridge & Play Govan this month!

Stay in touch and we’ll see you at Picnic & Play in the Summer.

For any new local families interested in these sessions, P&P Govan will be back next May at the Pearce Institute. You can join our Children & Families Network to stay up to date with all our activities, here.

Taz, Sarah, Steven & Ruby

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

This is my mum and this me and this my baby and this the house and this the flower and this the balloon and this the balloon and a rainbow’ 

Artist Mira, P&P Govan

‘It’s me in the flying balloon’ Favourite part? ‘Being honest, all of it!’

Artist Chibu , P&P Govan

‘That’s me and my mum. This is flowers. That one is me making the cake. That’s him [Steven] and that’s my brother and my sister!’

Artist Mohammad , P&P Govan

‘I drew drama games. My favourite is cake and this is the amazing cake with all the stuff and all the colours and that stuff. And Bayan helped me!’ 

Artist Shadda , P&P Govan

About the project

Porridge & Play Govan is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund as part of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow.

Licketyspit has run Porridge & Play in many other communities around Glasgow, and started doing online sessions for Govan families in 2020, when the pandemic delayed our launch at the PI. We have also worked at Riverside Primary and we are delighted to finally be running family sessions in person!

You can find more information on Licketyspit here.

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Meet the team

Porridge & Play Govan 2023 is being facilitated by actor pedagogues



and Steven!

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