A Whiteinch Motley Crew


Wednesday 8th November 2022 We had a mighty fine crew of Pirates this week at Whiteinch! A grog-drinking, deck-scrubbing, monster-fighting, crocodile-hopping, cake- baking, bunch if ever I saw one. First up, we had a line-up of our crew, just to check we had all crew members present and correct and ready for our voyage. At the front of the queue was Extra Pirate who liked to give people extra things on the ship. Pirate Lily who loves to buy something when she’s out on the high seas.  Artist Pirate who has a huge passion for the colour orange. Brilliant Pirate, who was very clever and Pretty Pirate who very much liked dressing up! Pirate Ginger Beard said she likes to do what the captain says and Pirate Dalgleish... well.. she enjoyed tidying the ship which meant it was ship-shape and a Whiteinch winner in the spick and span competitions! Pirate Kouser was our designated cook because she loves making food for Pirates and Diamond Pirate... well he likes to check if the weapons are sharp, just in case we get ambushed by our enemy Captain Bushy Beard. Although he was nowhere to be seen on the high seas today though as I seem to remember he’s gone on his holidays with his pet hamster  to Jamaica! Sarah, Paul & Camille [...]

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Pirates of Govan!!!


Tuesday 8th November Pirates of Govan!!! We had some new faces in Govan this week as we said hello to Virginia, Paul and Johnny who came along to join Hilde and the usual Govan Gang. We all showed Paul and Virginia how to be as Big As A Bear and then had a lovely dance. Mira saw a fish swimming in the sea and Azeem saw a fish too! Everyone dressed up as pirates and we ran around the Pirate Ship. Pirate Mohammed and Pirate Mujahid swabbed the decks and Pirate Shams and Pirate Ohi hoist the sail. Then there was a knock on the door and to everyone’s surprise a sad Pirate Paul appeared. He was speaking a beautiful language that Hilde said was Punjabi. Punjabi Pirate Paul was sad because it was his birthday and no-one had made a cake for him! It was Pirate Agi’s birthday too so everyone baked fantastic cakes for Pirate Paul and Pirate Agi then sang Happy Birthday to them. What a week in Govan! We can’t wait until the celebration next week. Hilde, Virginia, Paul and Johnny The Licketyspit Art Gallery! Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them. Coming soon! What you [...]

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A Feast For A Funky Chicken


Saturday 5th November 2022 We had a wonderful time exploring different lands and baking a marvellous cake this week! Interestingly, apart from meeting the usual Funky Chicken, we also met a Dancing Dog, a Singing Snake and an Annoying Ant! Hope we meet them again! Then we flew up high into the sky hanging on tightly to our balloons and we spied with our telescopes a beautiful lake and a ship and on the ship there were people dancing a jig! We danced too and had great fun! We flew further and further across the globe with our second balloon and ended up hovering high above The Pyramids. Emmanuel told us that inside the Pyramids there was a house with mummified remains. It also turned out that Tutenkhamun was there! It looked like there was lots of gold! Then Andre spied, The Enchanted forest that Gabby had mentioned earlier. Gabby told us she saw Giant Magical Bunnies, so we flew down to have a look. They were indeed huge and white and soft and fluffy. They started to eat carrots and when they munched a piece of carrot, they started to shrink until they got so small we could put them on our laps and cuddle them. We really enjoyed stroking those bunnies and even when we went back to get our balloons, Gabby still had her tiny [...]

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Woodland Creatures in Whiteinch


Wednesday 2nd November 2022 Well, what a fabulous pack of wolves and woodland creatures we encountered today at Whiteinch! As we gathered in the forest, it was delightful to meet Eeman the kangaroo, Frankey the Fox, Ellie the Magical Animal, Aseel the bat and Zofia Zebra and they were all so friendly. It turned out, that in this forest, as in many, I suspect, the Wolf is the only creature to own a watch and so the animals must ask politely for the time. I say politely, because... We definitely didn’t want to be rude and get eaten as scrumptious snacks by Wolfy! Anyway, we quickly gathered that there were a number of amazing wolves living in this forest and they all had incredibly fancy watches! The first one we happened upon was Rainbow Wolf Juliet and she liked to look for food at 6pm, so we all had to run pretty quickly and hide up the trees so she didn’t catch us. Just when we thought we were home and dry, we found Frankey the football wolf, who’d got his watch from the Galaxy. At 5pm he goes to Morrisons to buy food, so that was lucky for us! He clearly prefers going to the supermarket. Wolf Clare then miraculously appeared and explained that she lives on Cheese Moon and likes to pick up Stinky cheese [...]

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Tree-House of Halloween!!!


Tuesday 1st November   This week’s session was a lively one as always. We started with some moving about and made ourselves As Big as a Bear and as Fast as a …Hare!   We went high up into the air with our Flying Balloons. Down below we saw a river. Shadda saw her mum’s friend so we all waved to her. Our new friend Mastura saw lots of trees, and Mujahid saw the moon!   Next we all had great fun dressing up in wonderful and weird ways. Some of us turned into Grannies who helped us play Monster’s Footsteps.   There was Granny Ameen who lived in a treehouse and Granny Asha who lived in great big house. There was also Granny Mohammed who had a flying house with a garden full of bananas, oranges and strawberries. While Hilde and Granny Muhammed were busy making a fruit salad there were all kind of scary Hallowe’en creatures creeping about! But when Hilde and Granny  turned around again, they turned back into trees. They even managed to pick some apples. Thank goodness they all disappeared at the end.   After our carrot and coriander soup and delicious fruit, there was a game of Hello My Name is Joe and quick round of Funky Chicken.    Ameen was very helpful taking photos of our reflective drawings and everyone showed [...]

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Fantastical Forest Creatures


Saturday 29th October 2022 Today at Ruchill we found ourselves deep in the forest and met some quite fantastical creatures including a rainbow coloured bat who lived in a tree. Snakey AJ who showed us his fancy blue house with two stories which was delightful and he just happened to mention too, that he loved to eat rats! Then there was Jeffrey,  a smiley donkey who liked to eat grass and David, the Pirate Wolf who preferred rabbits as a tasty treat! Further into the forest lived Daniel, the lion who dines on  giraffes and Jamie, another wolf, who eats herbivores. Wolf Osman was just quietly munching on cookies and milk minding his own business when right  in the middle of the forest we spied Boatemaa eating some purple fruit and cookies… I wonder if she was given them by Wolf Osman, as the cookies looked just the same.  Maybe Wolf Osman’s a kind Wolf who shares his cookies! How fabulous! Just then we looked up and there, up high in a tree, was the lesser-spotted Emmanuel bird who was enjoying some worms. He was perched above Sean, the gorilla who ate human meat and Mohammed the tiger who just ate everything! The forest creatures, we discovered pretty quickly, were keen to know the time, as not one of them had a watch except the Wolves! And my, what [...]

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The Whiteinch Witches


Wednesday 26th October 2022 Another whirlwind adventure in Whiteinch this week and we got to meet the fabulous Whiteinch Witches! There was Witchy Aseel,  who had a great cackle and a magic frog, Witchy Witch, who came on a broomstick and liked to eat blood - Aaaargh! Scary pumpkin biscuits!!! Then Witchy Frankey who appeared on a Rainbow magic flying carpet,  Witchy Eemaan, who came flying in to meet us and Witchy Juliet, who  actually arrived in a flying car that can turn into anything. So exciting! Witchy Sienna’s favourite food turned out to be wriggly worms and Witchy Clare came on a headless horse that can fly and lives in a cloud castle. That was a bit scary! Witchy Annabelle arrived on a horse and cart and said happily, that she likes to eat green slime from frogs. I wonder if green slime is tasty? If Witchy Annabelle likes it, it might be worth a try! After that, we all felt like a wee adventure somewhere else. Zofia thought we might try under the sea. Unicorn land was an idea from Juliet and Aseel thought Fairyland might be a good plan. Frankey suggested Hot Wheel City and Hunter liked the idea of Softland. We all wondered where we might end up and when we arrived, it looked a bit misty to me, so I asked Frankey, [...]

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Hungry Wolfies!!!


Tuesday 25th October 2022 This week at Govan we had great fun singing “Jelly on His Head” and making up new people in the song like Ameen’s skeleton Alan, and Sham’s character who had chocolate on his knees. Ohi knew a girl called Circ with chocolate on her hand, Mira’s character had ice cream on her knees and Toby knew a boy called Joe with jelly on his TOE!   Next we all dressed up as animals from the forest; there were snakes and foxes and even a zebra. Then we met Wolfie Amir ,Wolfie Abeera and Wolfie Qurrat who helped all the animals tell thetime But then tried to eat them for dinner!   The “Magic Ball” was back this week and it was yellow this time. We travelled to the desert and  followed a monkey to find some water. Ammar and Amran gave us some bananas to eat. Then we went for a swim followed by a dive under the water where we saw clown fish and red fish and even a grey whale.   Then we spotted something - it was a treasure chest filled with jewels! We needed to warm up round the fire after that, so we cooked some very tasty fish and had a wee nap. Ahhh…   Waking up, we had time to sing “Mary Mac” before having our meal.   [...]

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Stylish Ruchill Grannies


Saturday 22nd October 2022 Well! It was a wonderful sight this week to see all the fabulous Ruchill Grannies dressed up so stylishly! We met Granny Osman who drank coffee for his tea, and lived in a home and Granny Jamie, who ate bread with only 5 spoons of sugar in his tea, lived in a flat with a cat, an old tv and a picture of his grandchildren. Then, when we made our way into the forest, to our surprise and delight there was A DJ rock’n’roll star Granny making Rock’n’roll music! This amazing Granny lived in the circus and sang in the circus with Wishy Washy & The Godfather & Abanazzar. He liked to eat burgers and chocolate cake and when he sang and played air guitar, all the trees in the forest began to dance along with him! It was one big old forest disco! Then there was Granny Fares who turned out to not actually be a granny and liked bread. In the forest,Granny Fares grew summer veg & melons and liked cookies and milk for his tea. He was super brave and not afraid of those old Monster Trees at all! Granny Sean liked feet for breakfast inside his house made out of a Hooji potion and Granny Jeffrey enjoyed Pineapple for his tea, but Granny David much preferred to eat strawberry cake [...]

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Mermaids, monsters and… grannies!!


Wednesday 19th October 2022 What  marvellous adventures we had today! After meeting Ambreen’s Angry Lion, Zofia’s Funny Mermaid and Violet’s Angry Crocodile, we found ourselves in the company of some very fashionable Grannies, who absolutely loved their food! Some Grannies love their food Granny Kouser told us how she loved to go to Ireland to look at scenery and eat chips. Granny Selina said she preferred to eat ham with chips and enjoyed living in her flat of bricks. Granny Gemma, on the other hand, liked to go to the hills and eat peanut butter sandwiches and Granny Hunter was a big fan of  chips and fish fingers. Sounds yummy, grannies! We also had the pleasure of meeting the intrepid explorer Granny Gemma, who had been to see rainbow coloured dinosaurs And Granny Ellie, who  lived in a house of vines and made Daisy Cakes. Look out for the trees! It wasn’t long though, before we found ourselves in a huge forest where it’s said that sometimes, when grannies aren’t looking, the trees start to turn into Monsters!!! Well, I did manage to chat to a few of those grannies and it turned out that they were very resourceful and brave and not scared of Silly Tree Monsters at all! Granny Ellie told me she could actually  turn trees into flowers, so she was safe. Granny Gemma just [...]

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