A Day out with the Pirate Crew after a very Mucky Brew!

Porridge & Play Govan 2023

Week 2

Wednesday 10th May

‘The sun and that is another sun. The fish. Fish fish fish fish!’ 

The Govan Pirate Crew lined up ready for inspection. What a collection of misfits!

Captain Smelly Beard got everyone working on the ship scrubbing the deck, climbing the rigging and even walking the plank!

This week we created fantastic pirates with our dressing up bag of old clothes and we met such brilliant looking characters: Captain Fiddle and Captain Silly, Captain Smelly

Pirate Silly Potato and a beautifully dressed pirate who claimed ‘I’m from Paris!’

We went on a Sea Adventure and we swam, surfed and discovered that the sea can be calm and relaxing and stormy and terrible too! And it’s full of fish, fish, fish!

We had a fire at the shore to cook some fish we caught, they had incredible flavours like 

Chocolate, fish, marshmallow and pineapple. And to top it all up we had some sticky marshmallows too!

But before all that we got stuck into a very Mucky Brew. We wore, amongst other things, an ostrich egg, mango, strawberries more strawberries and sliced banana, peanut butter & jelly, water, hot chocolate and avocado…all over our bodies! What a Mucky Mucky Brew!

Another great afternoon with our families in Govan enjoying the possibilities of our imaginations, eating together and having a right good laugh.

‘I drew everything we did today. First one cause we did funky chicken, I did a monkey. We did some dancing at the start here are some music notes. Here’s a pirate and the sea. I also wrote Licketyspit and here’s a thank you. Today was fun, especially funky chicken’

Bye for now!

Taz, Sarah and Steven

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

‘I drew the water on the top. A swimming girl. A fish. A rainbow fish. Drawing (favourite part)’

Artist Tibyan, P&P Govan

‘It’s me cooking a marshmallow. And this is you guys cooking fishes and this is the sun and this is the sky and this is the flowers. This is my dad, this is my mum, this is my sister, and this is me’

Artist Fires, P&P Govan

‘This is when we played big as a bear and that’s all of us going like that (big as a bear). And the other one is a bird a bird a bird and I got a butterfly and flowers and that’s me and my mum’

Artist Mohammed, P&P Govan

‘It’s the robots with two pirate hats on. That’s a jellybean. An ice cream. A monster and this is a circle with a few words. And donuts’ 

Artist Neche, P&P Govan

‘The fish. Blue sea. The sky. The fish and the water (favourite part).’

Artist Rayan, P&P Govan

This is my art, right? So this is me. This is the fish the blue fish –  look at me. This is the fish saying help me please, I’m laughing.’ They’re some pals or something. ‘This is you (Taz). This is the smoke’. Dressing up (favourite part)

Artist Rodeyna, P&P Govan

‘This is you (Taz). I didn’t get a chance to draw everybody but I drew you and myself and this is my brother, I didn’t have time to draw everybody. We’re swimming, we made marshmallows and this is the fire. Funky chicken and swimming (favourite part)’

Artist Shadda, P&P Govan

‘That;’s the sun and that’s the sky and that’s the sea and all the pirate crew.’ They’re all kind looking pirates because he was a kind captain. All of it (his favourite!)’

Artist Chibu, P&P Govan

About the project

Porridge & Play Govan is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund as part of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow.

Licketyspit has run Porridge & Play in many other communities around Glasgow, and started doing online sessions for Govan families in 2020, when the pandemic delayed our launch at the PI. We have also worked at Riverside Primary and we are delighted to finally be running family sessions in person!

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