A Week 6 Whiteinch Celebration!

Porridge & Play Whiteinch Week 6

Wednesday 16th November 2022

This week we had our fabulous celebration!

It was so much much fun getting dressed up as forest animals!

We had lots of birds with one from the bird cave, a bear, a bat and a fox and also some unknown animals from unknown places.

The Magic Ball was nowhere to be found until luckily Zofia found it and we climbed inside, zipped ourselves in and decided where we might go?

Well, we ended up in a beautiful forest where the bird cave was and we started looking around for wolves until all of a sudden there was a mighty howling and we found two actual wolves!

The only problem was, we couldn’t understand them, so Aseel and Ellie did a great job of communicating with them, because we soon discovered that the wolves were hungry and needed some food.

We were so glad they were friendly wolves and didn’t want to eat us, so we happily fed them!

After a while the biggest wolf started drawing a picture in the air and we wondered what he was trying to tell us, then suddenly, we realised he was drawing a clock-face and he just wanted to play his favourite game, which  was “What’s The Time Mr Wolf?”

Well, we didn’t need to be asked  twice, we all love that game and were happy to play!

There were lots of very interesting wolves too, who liked to read and drink tea and also do some exercises. By the time we finally got home, we were so hungry and it was lucky for us that we had an amazing feast of different dishes brought by all our wonderful friends for the party!

We had Kouser’s delicious Spicy vegetable rice and Vegetable Pakora, Andzelika’s wonderful Mushroom & Sauerkraut Pierogi and some fabulous fortune cookies from Zhenlan with lots of good wishes inside!

Ricky also enjoyed his signature roll and jam! For dessert we had scrumptious Oreo cream cake with strawberries from Haiyan, super tasty Polish cheese-cake from Andzelika, and fantastic choc chip cookies from Sienna and Juliet!

To finish off, we played Letter To My Love where we were reminded just how much everyone loves their families and treasures these chances to play together!

What a wonderful end to a wonderful celebration! We have loved playing every week and flying off on imaginary adventures with you all.

Next stop – the Licketyspit Christmas Ceilidh! Looking forward to seeing you all there on 9th December!

Sarah, Paul, Ruby & Virginia

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

It is my letter for my love and my son and it is Funky Chicken. It is always amazing game for me but also I love every game but it was the best today. Today is amazing!


It’s got my mummy’s name as well, that’s me, that is the love heart, that is my mum. A kiss!


It’s the magic ball (hearts) there’s lots of people and there’s family. It’s the magic ball (hearts) there’s lots of people and there’s family.


Orange. Shoes.”


Here’s the wolf and here is when they were dancing. Here’s the funky chicken and here’s the magic ball. It’s the love letter.”


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