Can you Dance like a Witch in Pants?

Porridge & Play Govan 2023

Wednesday 3rd May

Ha ha haa, the witchy fingers of Govan!

When they dance they whirl and twirl

They might trick you with their witchy words!

We had a fabulous time back at the Pearce Institute this week with our Porridge & Play pals!

The music played and we had a good old boogie around.

We dressed up in marvellous clothes, self-expression was the way.

And of course, some of our four legged friends joined us for Storyplay…

The Bear and Hare and Ox and Fox got us started then others came to join the party!

The Naughty Rabbit which gallops around,

The Jumping Giraffe which goes bounce bounce bouce!

The Good Crocodile which doesn’t go snap,

And don’t forget the Really Nice Cat!

There was the Rawr Tiger and the Dancing Monkey,

And last but not least the Mother Ducky!

Then we flew off in our Flying Balloons and saw fire and sun, perhaps the moon. 

The cold Antarctic lay below…

Next week, I wonder where we’ll go?

Hope to see you there!

Sarah, Taz, Steven, Ruby and Virginia

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

Artist Bayan

That’s me, that’s Taz, that’s Virginia, that’s Ruby. Witches fingers (favourite part)

Artist Bayan, P&P Govan

This is fire and a sun. This is a tide. A panda, a bear. Went to the Antarctic. The bear (favourite part)

Artist Anas, P&P Govan

Me me me in a bicycle and a big house. It’s a picture with lots of colours. Green, orange, green, pink, orange, and blue.

Artist Azeem, P&P Govan

This is me in a balloon. Big balloon bigger than me, a broccoli tree. It’s a big grass, it’s a cloud, tree, broccoli tree covering the cloud. This is me! In a purple balloon. Witches hand (favourite part)

Artist Ala, P&P Govan

About the project

Porridge & Play Govan is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund as part of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow.

Licketyspit has run Porridge & Play in many other communities around Glasgow, and started doing online sessions for Govan families in 2020, when the pandemic delayed our launch at the PI. We have also worked at Riverside Primary and we are delighted to finally be running family sessions in person!

You can find more information on Licketyspit here.

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