A Sea Horse Race is about to start!

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Hello, welcome everybody!

Come to play in Whiteinch Library!

Porridge & Play is here today!

For games and food and friends and cheerHooray!!

We make ourselves as Big As Bear

For a right good old warm up

For our bodies, our voices and our ideas

And to have a right good laugh!

A Naughty Fish and an Evil Spider

A Spinning Unicorn, a Meow Meow Cat!

The Funky Chicken has many friends

And you don’t get funner than that!

Dressing up with old clothes

Be someone that you’re not

Pretend to be an owl

a bear, a squirrel, or a frog or a leopard covered in spots!

We now are in a forest

Where we find there are Wolves!

Who howl, awooo awoo awooo!

Keep busy

and always chat!

They tell the time by gorgeous watches!

  ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’

the creatures ask,

‘It’s 5 o’clock my creature dears’

It’s nearly DINNER TIME!

We find a Magic Ball,

We blow to make it big

We climb inside

And we decide

To go for a nice dip!

We appear at the seaside

We dive into the sea

We find a whale that’s sad

Because a bunch of crabs

took over her crib

And made her mad!

A Sea Horse Race is about to start.

We all want to take part!

Get ready and get set and then….

It all falls apart…

‘It was a tie’

‘No, no! I won’

The judge has to decide…

There are no losers!

You all are winners

at having the best fun!

Andre, Cami, Emma, Virginia, Taz & The Whiteinch Library pals

Thank you so much for coming to our final session at Whiteinch Library! We hope you enjoy playing the games at home with your family and friends.

If you have a book you think would GREAT to do Bookplay with – grab a pal and have a go yourselves – just like we did last week with Where the Wild Things Are. If you think there’s a book your friends would like you can let us know so we can spread the word and who knows maybe we will see each other on our next bookplay adventure!!! Or maybe you’ll meet some new characters!!!

We’re always so happy to hear about your Storyplay adventures so please, just because this block of Porridge & Play has finished, DON’T STOP PLAYING! You are the experts in play!!!

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

The hungry giant the beach and the portal that takes you to Glasgow”

Artist Franky, Licketyspit

“That’s me skateboarding – I drew Bronwen on the skateboard – she’s very good at skateboarding – these are flowers here. I’m skating on the grass”

Kevin, Licketyspit

“I made a cake – with fish, rainbows, strawberries a stinky sock and marshmallows. Favourite part of the session today was the Funky Chicken”

Bronwen, Licketyspit

“I drew my dad and a house and we went inside the house and played games and watched tv  the house has a face and there is a beautiful sunny day.”

Artist Aaliyah, Licketyspit

“That’s the witch that lives on the moon and that’s the spider and the chicken dish we made – that’s the potion we made”

Artist Emily , Licketyspit

“that’s the house that we live in. That’s the witch. There’s the witches, the trees and the witches house.”

Artist Sara , Licketyspit

“That’s the egg that’s the spider and that’s a portal to america”

Artist Amjad, Licketyspit

About the project

Porridge & Play Whiteinch is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund as part of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow. It first started in 2017. Since 2020 we have also been offering sessions online – find out more here.

More information on Licketyspit here.

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