A Feast For A Funky Chicken

Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 4

Saturday 5th November 2022

We had a wonderful time exploring different lands and baking a marvellous cake this week!

Interestingly, apart from meeting the usual Funky Chicken, we also met a Dancing Dog, a Singing Snake and an Annoying Ant!

Hope we meet them again!

Then we flew up high into the sky hanging on tightly to our balloons and we spied with our telescopes a beautiful lake and a ship and on the ship there were people dancing a jig!

We danced too and had great fun!

We flew further and further across the globe with our second balloon and ended up hovering high above The Pyramids. Emmanuel told us that inside the Pyramids there was a house with mummified remains.

It also turned out that Tutenkhamun was there! It looked like there was lots of gold!

Then Andre spied, The Enchanted forest that Gabby had mentioned earlier. Gabby told us she saw Giant Magical Bunnies, so we flew down to have a look.

They were indeed huge and white and soft and fluffy. They started to eat carrots and when they munched a piece of carrot, they started to shrink until they got so small we could put them on our laps and cuddle them. We really enjoyed stroking those bunnies and even when we went back to get our balloons, Gabby still had her tiny bunny.

The naughty Seagull must have been hiding behind a cloud, because she suddenly appeared again and cheekily popped our balloons, but Gabby had let her bunny go free by then and back to her family.

We were hungry now so thought it might be good to Bake A Cake!

We stirred in the icing sugar, Emmanuel’s magic drink, Boatemaa’s ogre’s eye, the sliced orange and Gabby’s red icing that tasted like strawberries. We also added the glitter, the love and the sprinkles and stirred and stirred and stirred and it was absolutely delicious!

We all felt much better after a slice of that cake. A perfect end to our afternoon’s adventures!

Can’t wait to see where we go next week!

Sarah, Andre & Shona

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

“That’s the balloon, the cake, the pyramids and the house, icing sugar and smelly socks.”


“Ogre eye, added cherries, magic love in the cake.”


“This is my rainbow balloon.”


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