International Play Association Conference

Storyplay Champions rock the IPA Conference
8th June 2023

We were so proud of our 13 Storyplay Champion children & mums showing the world what children can do at the International Play Association Conference!

Earlier this month they joined Taz, Andre, Ruby and myself and represented the whole Licketyspit Children & Families Network at the IPA conference.

The power of play, human connection and creativity improves our lives and we really felt that reverberate around the 500 strong conference hall as we kicked the day off with some Storyplay.

Mahek, Fiire, Simmi, Pemi, William, Fatima, Ibrahim, Sam, Shawn, Desire and Lexi led the whole conference in the Funky Chicken! They showed delegates how we like to dress up, and then invited them on an adventure in the Magic Ball! Imagine, 500 people on a Storyplay adventure together – led by the children!

After that it was up to the Lantern Room for a more intimate Storyplay session where delegates joined in with Witches Fingers and Grandma Grandma as well as dressing up themselves and diving into the sea on another adventure, whoooooosh!

The afternoon was spent picnicking, playing and interviewing delegates about how they like to play, their homes and their views on children’s rights.
Big thanks to all the delegates from far and near who engaged with the children and families on this very special day.

The Children’s Views

“I felt famous!”

“I felt loved!”

“I felt happy and excited and good!”

“I felt popular!”

The Children’s Interviews

“Play should be free!”

Pauline at Fare Scotland

“It’s important that adults teach kids games and share cultural games. All adults should play!”

Chris at Children in Scotland

“Playing is a place for smiling and loving!”

Alex from Canada

Favourite game is to play swimming in the river, likes to play piano, reading books, likes to play board games with his family”

Junko from Japan

Favourite animals are monkeys and elephants. Loves to play tennis and games with family

Jean from Scotland

“Teaching adults is fun” Feels as if time stops, nothing can bother him, he thinks adults should play.

Philippe from the UNHCR