Storyplay Champions at Making Rights Real Event!


Have Your Say Through Play is a children’s human rights-based, fun way to support children under-twelve to explore and share their thoughts, feelings and ideas through Lickety Playcard Play. This project was first developed with our Children & Families Network in September 2020, as a way to consult children about the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone's Children invited us to join them and have our Storyplay Champions show just how have Have Your Say Through Play works! Tuesday 21st June We had a really fantastic time at the recent Making Rights Real Event online! Our Storyplay Champions led a fantastic 20 minute session where we demonstrated how we can ‘Have our SAY through PLAY!’  We went on a Magic Ball adventure to an underwater school! There we met Professor Seal (Taz) who told us that a new student was joining the school very soon and needed the children to come up with ideas for ways to make them feel welcome and happy, because children know what children need!  Professor Seal asked some questions…  What could we do to make a new student feel welcome at a new school?’ ‘They might need support and food. Maybe after school we could play with them or take them to the park, because we have the right to play and we could be their friends!’ - Fish Felicia  ‘We could sing them a [...]

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Storyplay for the Planet Zine


Welcome to the Storyplay For The Planet blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had! Get in touch to find out how to join. Saturday 12th March 2022 Our celebration & zine launch on Saturday was a brilliant way to finish our Storyplay for the Planet project. We have had a truly fantastic time over the last few months meetings families from all over Glasgow Centre East Ward and hearing their creative ideas and solutions to help us tackle Climate Change. We put this zine together but the ideas inside came from each and every family who came along and shared with us at our school, nursery, community and outdoor sessions. At our celebration session, we did our warm up and met some Funky Animals and then we went flying in our balloons to show our guests the kind of things that we saw over the last few months! We flew high up over the sky and when we looked down we saw a dirty, muddy, smelly river. Well…. we couldn’t allow that! So we landed our balloons and got to work cleaning out the muck. We had tubes to suck out all the oil, we had bin bags to recycle all the rubbish and when it was clean we were able to go for a swim. The water was [...]

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Storyplay For The Planet on Zoom!!


Welcome to the Storyplay For The Planet blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had! Get in touch to find out how to join. We met together on the 19th of November on zoom to have your say through play about our planet! We hosted a Storyplay session on zoom to talk all about our planet with some new and old friends! It was so much fun getting to learn and explore together. We got to become experts are recycling and looking after our planet was well as learning about lots of different animals! We saw a shark 🦈 and a wobbly fish 🐠 and some bees 🐝! All of these animals are super important for our environment, each having their own unique role to play! We talked about how we could save them and make sure their world was nice and clean! How could we look after our planet? ♻️ ‘ We could maybe use less plastic,’ – Miracle ♻️ ‘We could stop making lots of smoke,’ – Praise ♻️ ‘ We should plant more trees,’ – Ameerah ♻️ ‘We can recycle,’ – Muhammad We talked about COP26 and how it came to Glasgow. The children were very excited to share all they had learned about plastics in our waters and how we can all work together [...]

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