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Celebrating our East Centre Ward Residency

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Saturday 12th March 2022

Our celebration & zine launch on Saturday was a brilliant way to finish our Storyplay for the Planet project.

We have had a truly fantastic time over the last few months meetings families from all over Glasgow Centre East Ward and hearing their creative ideas and solutions to help us tackle Climate Change.

We put this zine together but the ideas inside came from each and every family who came along and shared with us at our school, nursery, community and outdoor sessions.

At our celebration session, we did our warm up and met some Funky Animals and then we went flying in our balloons to show our guests the kind of things that we saw over the last few months! We flew high up over the sky and when we looked down we saw a dirty, muddy, smelly river. Well…. we couldn’t allow that! So we landed our balloons and got to work cleaning out the muck. We had tubes to suck out all the oil, we had bin bags to recycle all the rubbish and when it was clean we were able to go for a swim. The water was so crystal clear we could see dolphins, and fish and anemones. We even spotted a great big shark but we all pretended to be seaweed until the shark swam away!

After we made it back to Cranhill Development Trust we enjoyed some delicious food but….. we weren’t done playing!
We had enjoyed the games so much that as soon as we finished eating we were right back up again in our circle singing some of our favourite songs Hello, My Name is Joe and, of course, Grandma Grandma.

We all had so much fun and the magazine looks brilliant! Have a look at it here and let us know what you think!!

Read the Zine

This Zine was produced as part of the project with Lead Actor-Pedagogue Effie editing together the children’s stories, ideas and reflective drawings.

It is both a record of the sessions and an invitation to use your imagination and creativity to explore ways to protect our planet!

You can pick up a physical copy at Cranhill Development Trust, Barlanark Community Centre and the schools and nurseries around the ward.

You can download a text-only version of the report for use with E-readers or Google translate here.

The Lickety Gallery!

What’s next?

Ways to keep playing and imagining through Storyplay!

Our Glasgow Life residency may be over but there are lots of other Licketyspit projects you can get involved with.

From May we’ll be running more online sessions as part of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow. These will take place from 4.30-6pm on Fridays – contact us to register your interest.

Then in September we’ll be holding the first ever STORYPLAY FESTIVAL! Watch this space.

We always love to hear from you and see any stories or drawings you have done while storyplaying at home. So stay in touch 🙂

About the Project

Storyplay for the Planet was a series of Storyplay & Have Your Say Through Play sessions for families with 3-12 year olds in East Centre Ward.

Licketyspit delivered sessions in schools, nurseries, online and in community settings, for families across the East Centre Ward.

These sessions were a chance for families to explore the issue of climate change and share their feelings about it creatively, elevating children’s voices and demonstrating the power of imagination to find solutions to the greatest collective challenge of our time!

Read more about the project and find all the blogs here.