Storyplay Champions at Making Rights Real Event!

A Have Your Say Through Play

Have Your Say Through Play is a children’s human rights-based, fun way to support children under-twelve to explore and share their thoughts, feelings and ideas through Lickety Playcard Play.

This project was first developed with our Children & Families Network in September 2020, as a way to consult children about the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone’s Children invited us to join them and have our Storyplay Champions show just how have Have Your Say Through Play works!

Tuesday 21st June

We had a really fantastic time at the recent Making Rights Real Event online! Our Storyplay Champions led a fantastic 20 minute session where we demonstrated how we can ‘Have our SAY through PLAY!’

 We went on a Magic Ball adventure to an underwater school! There we met Professor Seal (Taz) who told us that a new student was joining the school very soon and needed the children to come up with ideas for ways to make them feel welcome and happy, because children know what children need!

 Professor Seal asked some questions…

 What could we do to make a new student feel welcome at a new school?’

‘They might need support and food. Maybe after school we could play with them or take them to the park, because we have the right to play and we could be their friends!’ – Fish Felicia

 ‘We could sing them a song!’ – Dolphin Fiire

 ‘Happy Day, Happy Day, Happy Day, Happy Day!’ – Dolphin Fiire & Pufferfish Pemi


 ‘Welcome to your new school, you are welcome, to your new school! Everyone will be kind to you! Welcome welcome to your new school! – Swordfish Abdullah

 ‘We could make them a map of the area so they could learn how to get around.’ – Dolphin Fiire

 What could we do if the new student didn’t speak the same language as us?

 ‘Maybe we could learn to speak a bit of their language!’ – Fish Felicia

‘We could learn some of their language and they learn some of our language and so we know both languages!!’ – Swordfish Abdullah

 And what about afterschool?

Maybe after school we could show them around, you know if we invited them to our place we could play, it would be really nice to show them things so they know their way to school and back home!’ – Dolphin Fiire

 It was a brilliant way of demonstrating how we can talk about life and rights in an imaginative, playful way. Thanks so much for having us!

Blog by Iona, Taz, Virginia and our Storyplay Champion Children!

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