The Forest Grannies and the Monster Trees!

Porridge & Play Govan 2023

Week 3

Wednesday 17th May

In the deep deep forest of Govan one can enjoy many interesting places and spot fantastic creatures.

Have you ever seen a Silly Cat and Scary Cat hang out together?

Or a Slithering Snake roaming in the undergrowth? What about a Crazy Dolphin bathing in a pond or a Dying Fly chilling on the ground?

There’s a Small Ant over there and Big Elephant over here!

A Sleepy Giraffe taking a nap, a Quacking Duck dancing about and a Barking Dog saying hello from afar!

Then there’s the part of the woods where the Forest Grannies live…

Granny Chibu likes cereal for breakfast.

Granny Ala has a forest room inside her house! She has trees with apples, oranges and watermelon and she makes chips for breakfast!

Granny Zakiyah has a medium sized tree house. She lives with her family and likes omelettes in the morning!

Granny Anas lives in a candy house & Granny Tibyan lives in a treehouse. They both grow pumpkins and make pumpkin soup for breakfast. 

Granny Firas and Granny Shams grow oranges, apples, mangos and pineapples and they have bread and milk & cookies for breakfast.

And all these Grannies know that although it may sound like a rumour, the truth is that the trees at the far far end of their garden turn into Monster Trees when the Grannies are busy cooking!

The Monster Trees creep and creep and creep about to give the Grannies a bit of a fright..

But the Grannies really don’t mind because it is just a bit ‘monstery’ tree fun!

2 weeks to go! See you next time,

Taz, Sarah and Steven

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

‘That’s my dad. And that’s my car. That’s my house. This the moon’ (its nighttime). ‘He’s going back home. He’s been in the forest. He was eating candy’ Favourite part – being a granny

Artist Anas, P&P Govan

‘Thats me as red riding hood. I was playing with Granny Tibyan.’ 

Artist Bayan, P&P Govan

‘This rocket. This heart. This monster. This is rocket. This is tree’ Favourite part – monster game

Artist Ohi, P&P Govan

 ‘That’s my house and this the three monsters trees and that’s me as a granny and that’s my treehouse.’ (He lives with his family. When he has a party, he eats a cake!) 

Artist Shams, P&P Govan

 ‘So here we have a really nice day with the sun and a blue sky, we have nice trees. This is nice grass when we’re looking the other side, it changes its all dark and there’s monsters and trees and there’s the granny. I wanted it to look childish.’

Artist Nada, P&P Govan

About the project

Porridge & Play Govan is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund as part of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow.

Licketyspit has run Porridge & Play in many other communities around Glasgow, and started doing online sessions for Govan families in 2020, when the pandemic delayed our launch at the PI. We have also worked at Riverside Primary and we are delighted to finally be running family sessions in person!

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