Week 1: Meeting & Flying Balloons across the Sky!

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22nd May 2020

Govan – Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hiya everyone! What fun we had yesterday, right?
Jack, Iona, Ruby & myself were so excited to welcome all our new families from Govan. And it was so great to have so many of yous joining our play session!
It was a fun to work out everyone’s names and trying to organise that on the funny Zoom boxes! But we managed and we got ready to have a good warm up to wake up our bodies and our minds!
We played Funky Chicken and some fabulous animals made an appearance: the Big Fluffy Tiger, the Flying Butterfly, the Funny Kangaroo…
And because when we play with your imagination you can be anyone, go anywhere and do ANYTHING, we had a game of MUCKY BREW and we threw all sorts of things all over us: honey, feathers, runny chocolate, a giant egg, water, slime…even bits of a broken TV! But it was fine cause we had a wash while we sang our Washing Song.
We flew over Glasgow on our Flying Balloons and we saw a silvery snake that turn out to be the River Clyde! And we saw a purple whale and an angry bird that became a happy bird cause we blew it a kiss. We saw the schools empty of children but with blooming flowers. We saw a pirate ship and a black pigeon and a frog AND a waterfall made of chocolate!
C’mon GOVAN!!! Let’s PLAY!
By Taz

What you said

What a great wee session today 😊 Lucy really enjoyed it and we can’t wait till next week!

Mum, Easterhouse, 2020

It was great so much fun. We’d like to play Hey my name is Joe next time!

Mum, LicketyLeader Family, Milton Sessions

Thank you for everything, it was very nice!

Mum, Govan, 2020

Milton – Wednesday 20th May 2020

A BIG Thank you to all the families who joined us to launch our first BIG Porridge & Play Milton Online this Wednesday!
As we looked down, we saw some amazing things! Luckily, we were high above the family of tigers in the forest who wanted to eat us! The sun was shining, and we saw lots of people cooking! As we flew high above Scotland, we saw pirate boats sailing on the ocean! Taz was delighted that we were able to make it to the North Pole where we saw hundreds of Penguins! Don’t forget that there will always be a balloon in your pocket, so you can fly high in the sky whenever you like.
Virginia sang us a song all about her Grandma! – Grandma Grandma sick in bed… which lots of you already know & everyone joined in!
(Don’t forget if you have a Granny or Grandad, they can join you at Porridge & Play from wherever they are – even if it’s on the other side of the world!)
By Jack

Easterhouse – Thursday 21st May 2020

Wow! What an absolutely fantastic first session we had yesterday! Bursting with ideas and energy and lots and lots of fun!

We kicked it off with a warm-up, warming up our bodies and warming up our minds… ‘As big as a bear, as fast as a hare, as strong as an ox and as sneaky as a fox!’ 🐻 🐇 🐂 🦊 Everyone joined in and the actions were fantastic!

We decided it was a good idea to get rather mucky, and so we played MUCKY BREW! We all picked up a huge ostrich egg and cracked it on our heads! OooooOOoooo gooey and slimy. Lovely! Then everyone thought of fantastic mucky things to mix in. Taz tore open a pillow and we stuck all of the feathers to the stickiness of the egg 🥚 , we opened a great big pot of Nutella and smeared that all over our heads followed by white runny chocolate, whipped cream and sugar!

We finished with a very magic clap and then each enjoyed a virtual ice cream as we said goodbye! Mine was mint choc-chip mmmmm!

What an adventure we had! I can’t wait for next week’s session, we could go anywhere!

By Iona

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