Storyplay City Launch


Licketyspit wants to spark a children’s rights-based play revolution! The Glasgow Community and National Lottery Community Funds have let us make a start. This is just the beginning! Everyone can join. There is a big imaginary play train going round Glasgow and everyone can jump on board! What is Storyplay City? Everyone, of all ages, loves to play! We need to play! Play is at the essence of being human. When we play imaginatively with other people there are no limits and no mistakes, just endless possibilities. Licketyspit and our children, families and colleagues have got a recipe and a list of ingredients that make imaginary play an easy, wonderful and inclusive part of every day. We call this Storyplay. Licketyspit has been developing Storyplay with Glasgow families for over 15 years. From LicketyLeap sessions in nurseries to Storyplay Schools programmes in primaries, to Porridge & Play in the community and Picnic & Play in museums and parks. Now, the Glasgow Community Fund is supporting us to build on our work to make Glasgow the first Storyplay City! We all need what children need Children know that the most important things in life are love, kindness, fairness, respect. Playing with children liberates adults to remember this! You can let your hair down and feel at home even with strangers! Storyplay is a celebration [...]

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Christmas Video Message


A 2020 Christmas Message from Licketyspit A Christmas Video! We hope you'll enjoy this Christmas message and demonstration of two great games to play over the hoildays, from Ruby, Iona and Taz. The holidays are a great time to play as a family. We hope you have a lovely Christmas break. The Licketyspit team will be on holiday between December 24th-Janueary 11th so if we don't get your message, we'll reply as soon as we're back. And remember, all we need to play is each other! What's in the video? 🤔 In the Way of the Word 💝 The Present Game! More Holiday Activities! There's lots more to do on our website. Find Playcard Videos in Come & Play. Watch the Lickety Activity films and make your own (like other CFN children have done!) And catch up with all of the Big Porridge & Play Blogs in Happening Now! We'd love to see what creative and playful activities you get up to over the holidays. Stay in touch! Come & Play Activity Videos BPPG BLOGS Licketyspit 2020 News Round-Up Click on the image on the right to read our reflections on a year like no other, and find out what's in store for [...]

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Feeling the love as Big Porridge & Play 2020 draws to a close


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join. Saturday What a brilliant session we had on Saturday with 30 families!! The sessions are so full of excitement and generosity and feels like one big family! We began with BIG AS A BEAR, our great warm up! Gyan told us that the warm up is important because it makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, which is so true! 👍 In FUNKY CHICKEN we met 10 hilarious animals! - Junior's Funky Cat 🐱 - Adila & Muhammed's Ninja Horse 🐴 - Janaiba's & Ramtoulah's Angry Lion 🦁 - Adesire's Funny Butterfly 🦋 - Adeola's Funky Cat 🐈 - Simmi's Funky Chicken 🐓 - Modou's Angry Horse 🐴 - Queen & Faly's Slivering Snake 🐍 - Princess’s Crying Puppy 🐶 - Michris’s Baby Polar-bear 🐻 We then dressed up wonderfully for a very special occasion... to write and send A LETTER TO OUR LOVES!! And how beautiful we all looked! Everyone wrote fantastic letters! Islam wrote her letter to her bed. 🛏 Donald wrote to pizza 🍕 ! Lawand wrote a letter to his squirrel 🐿 ! Ramtoulah wrote to her best friend! Yumna wrote to her mum, dad and pet fish! 🐠 Meerab [...]

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Dancing and singing with Adie Baako!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join. What an exciting week! 🎵 ‘Everybody! Bring your calabash! Bring your calabash!’ 🎶 At this week’s Big Porridge & Play Online sessions, we had the privilege of being joined by Adie Baako, a professional dancer from Ghana now living in Scotland, and enjoyed a week of dancing and singing and moving and grooving! We sang about the calabash, danced the Kpanlogo, a social dance from Greater Accra in Ghana, and found out all about Adie’s life! Learning about Adie’s life 🇬🇭 🎣 Adie is a dancer from Ghana, now living in Midlothian, near Edinburgh. He's been dancing professionally for 26 years and he told us how he started dancing when he was a wee boy growing up in a village. Adie grew up by the sea with his Dad, a fisherman, and his Mum, who worked selling in the markets. Before going to school Adie, like other children, would do chores in the house to help the family, fetch water for the pots, and then wash to get ready to go to school to learn. An early start in the morning for wee [...]

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Another chance to join our spooky party – from home!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join. What a fantastic Halloween party we had! Did you join us on Saturday for our 🎃  Halloween Family Party 🎃  with Parent Club? The great news is that you can watch the video again any time you like - joining in with an HOUR of imagination-fuelled fun, from your own house! Halloween may be over for this year but when it's dark and spooky outside you'll still enjoy all our ghostly games and frightening fun... For anyone who didn't join us, we don't want to ruin all the spooky surprises... let's just say you'll meet some funny characters, do some fantastic, silly dressing up, play Lickety Playcard games like MUCKY BREW and SPOOKY CHICKEN, dance along with us to a surprise Halloween song, and so much more! Watch the video to find out for yourself! 👹👻🎉✨ You can also watch it on the Parent Club Facebook page here, if you'd like to leave a comment and see what other parents have said. See below for some of the fantastic drawings and feedback sent in so far! Remember to send your drawings and any feedback to [...]

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Celebrating our many languages in The Hello Game!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join. Saturday 17 October 2020 It was great to get back to Big Porridge & Play this Saturday after a week’s break - and we have 8 more weeks of Saturday sessions to look forward to! Hooray! What a brilliant time we had! We played 👵 GRANDMA GRANDMA and 🐔 FUNKY CHICKEN, went on an epic 🔮 MAGIC BALL adventure - and also enjoyed a brand new game called the HELLO GAME!  Celebrating our multi-lingual network! Did you know that there are 158 different languages spoken in Glasgow?! Wow! We found this out last week, and so decided to invent the HELLO GAME to find out some of the languages that are spoken in the group - and it turned out there were SO many! Here are some of the ways we learnt to say HELLO to each other this week: 👋  In Kurdish - Salaam 👋🏿  In Yoruba - Bawo ni 👋🏾  In Shona - Mhoroi Mhoroi 👋🏿  In Hungarian - Szia 👋🏻  In Urdu - Assalamu alaikum But then, we found the Magic Ball! 🚀 After flying through the stars in a spaceship we [...]

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All the things we can still do while we’re at home!


As the restrictions around coronavirus continue, we know that many families may be feeling frustrated, stressed, or worried. We know it's a difficult time, so we wanted to remind you of all the things we CAN still do at the moment, even when we might not be able to play with all of our friends or family. There are so many ways to keep using our imagination and creativity at home! Reading, writing, making, dancing, singing, drawing... and PLAYING! 🎈🎉✨ Get cooking, exploring and making! When the lockdown first started, we made some Lickety Activity Films which were specially designed to show you simple, fun, creative and cheap activities that you could do at home as a family - alongside your friendly Lickety hosts! Taz, Jack and Iona each guide you through a fun activity or on a special adventure - which you can follow along with at home! You can either watch and do the activities along with us, or use them to inspire your own ideas! Why not... 🥘  Think of another recipe you could cook with the same ingredients, after watching Cooking with Taz? 🍅  Research one of the ingredients online and find out more about it? 🍋  Plant a tree using the seeds from some fruit, after making a delicious fruit salad or zingy lemonade? 🗺️ Close your eyes, take out your [...]

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How YOU can help shape a revolution in children’s rights!


Why are we so excited? Last week, something happened which made us very happy here at Licketyspit! In a big document outlining their plans for the next year the Scottish Government promised to deliver “a revolution in children’s rights” - how exciting does that sound?! They plan to do this by incorporating a major international law protecting the rights of children into Scottish law. It’s called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is a bit of a mouthful, but that’s because it’s the most complete statement of children’s rights ever to be written. This means that it covers all parts of a child’s life. No-one, or nothing, is left out: the needs of each child is as important as the next. So, as well as extremely important things such as a right to education, healthcare and protection from violence, neglect and exploitation, did you know that children also have… ⭐ The right to be LISTENED TO Article 12 - respect for the views of the child ⭐ The right to EXPRESS THEIR THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS Article 13 - freedom of expression ⭐ The right to PLAY WITH THEIR FRIENDS Article 15 - freedom of association ⭐ The right to RELAX and PLAY! Article 31 - leisure, play and culture What does this actually mean for [...]

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Providing digital tablets to families who need them


Have you heard the news?! A few months ago, we were overjoyed to receive funding which enabled us to buy tablets and SIM cards with mobile data for families in our network and beyond, who would struggle to buy these themselves. This meant that they could join in with our Big Porridge & Play Online sessions! We can now tell you that we've received further funding from Migration Exchange and have a limited number of additional Lickety Tablets for eligible families! If you are a migrant, refugee or asylum seeker looking to join our online imaginative play sessions, please get in touch to see if we can help you. Or, if you know a family who might benefit from this, help us to spread the word! Please note that as we do have a limited number to give out, unfortunately we can't guarantee availability - we will allocate the tablets to families who most meet our criteria. Email Ruby on or text/call 07413 800 342 and we'll do our best to help! Why are we doing this? Well, as some of you may know, at Licketyspit we were already using lots of different ways to stay in touch with families in our network, as we knew not everyone could get online easily. As the pandemic hit this year, we spoke directly to our families - and this need for internet [...]

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Big Porridge and Play Saturday Sessions are back!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play blog, where we share the stories of the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom. If you'd like to join our online weekend sessions (every Saturday, from 10.30am), all you need to do is email us at or text us on 07413 800 342. We'll let you know all the details, and which dates we're welcoming new families at (we do this one Saturday per month - see below for dates). Our sessions are open to all children and families, so please do get in touch! Saturday 8 August It's so good to be back! Iona shares her thoughts after last week's Big Porridge and Play online session, for which 22 FAMILIES joined us! The fantastic pictures opposite show just a glimpse at the sort of things we did and saw... How fantastic it was to be back with our Saturday families for Big Porridge and Play Glasgow! It was very exciting to see everyone and hear what they had all been up to over the past few weeks - and what a great first session back it was! Full of energy and hilarity and excitement! We kicked things off with 👵  GRANDMA GRANDMA, with very enthusiastic actions and great big wriggles! By the time we'd finished, everyone had [...]

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