All the things we can still do while we’re at home!

As the restrictions around coronavirus continue, we know that many families may be feeling frustrated, stressed, or worried. We know it’s a difficult time, so we wanted to remind you of all the things we CAN still do at the moment, even when we might not be able to play with all of our friends or family. There are so many ways to keep using our imagination and creativity at home! Reading, writing, making, dancing, singing, drawing… and PLAYING! 🎈🎉✨

Get cooking, exploring and making!

When the lockdown first started, we made some Lickety Activity Films which were specially designed to show you simple, fun, creative and cheap activities that you could do at home as a family – alongside your friendly Lickety hosts! TazJack and Iona each guide you through a fun activity or on a special adventure – which you can follow along with at home! You can either watch and do the activities along with us, or use them to inspire your own ideas!

Why not…
🥘  Think of another recipe you could cook with the same ingredients, after watching Cooking with Taz?
🍅  Research one of the ingredients online and find out more about it?
🍋  Plant a tree using the seeds from some fruit, after making a delicious fruit salad or zingy lemonade?
🗺️ Close your eyes, take out your Magic Map, and see where it takes you! You can go anywhere in the WORLD with your Magic Map. Why not draw or write about the things you saw afterwards?
🗞️ Think of what else you could make with… a plastic bottle? A plastic bag? A newspaper? Some netting from a bag of oranges? Toilet rolls?

See all the Activity Films!


Every Saturday, here at Licketyspit we all get together and go on an adventure – which you’re all invited to from home, of course! During our Big Porridge and Play Online sessions (on Zoom) we do fun warm-up exercises, play games, sing songs, and go on adventures all just by using our imaginations! But the fun doesn’t need to stop there – you can still use your imagination after the video has stopped to be anyone, go anywhere or do anything! 

Why not…

🔮 Close your eyes, take out your imaginary Magic Ball, and see where it takes you! You can go ANYWHERE with your Magic Ball. Another planet, under the sea, the Eiffel tower, a scary forest, inside a ball of wool… Afterwards, draw a picture of what you saw!
Collect some small objects from around your house or garden and make your own Miniature World from them! What would it look like? Who would live there?
🖍️ Write a poem about what you’d like to do if you could do ANYTHING in the world
🧣 Find some old clothes, hats or scarves… and dress up as a new character! What’s your name and what do you do? You can be anyone at all!
📹 Make up a performance about something you really care about, then make a video of it!
📖Write a story about you and your best friends where you go on an adventure

Learning some new games and songs!

 Our Lickety Playcards are a pack of colourful, illustrated cards featuring a selection of new and traditional games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play activities for 3-12s and their families. We use these ALL the time in our play sessions, not only because they are tried-and-tested activities that children seem to love, but because they’re brilliant at inspiring FURTHER play – creative writing, making up songs and performances, drawing, or making up new characters! Once you’ve got them, the possibilities are endless!

Why not…
Watch our Lickety Playcards videos showing you how to play some of the games and sing the songs!
Get a set of Playcards for your family to use together! You can buy the full set of 16 online for just £10
We also have a limited number of Playcards packs to offer to families who may not be able to afford them. If you could be eligible please do drop us a line at or call 07413 800 342 😊

Find out more!

Immerse yourself in a brilliant story!

🏰 🤴🌲 Molly Whuppie is a play by Licketyspit about BRAVERY – and you can now watch it online! Based on a traditional Scottish tale, the story follows a bold and brave wee girl called Molly who finds herself on a great adventure. As she journeys through a forest, meeting giants and kings, she soon realises that nothing is what it seems, and that she is braver and cleverer than she ever imagined…

Why not…
📺 Molly Whuppie is spread over 12 gripping episodes of just 5-6 minutes each, so why not sit down to watch an episode each day as a family? Everyone will be desperate to know what happens next to brave wee Molly! You could even draw a picture of what she gets up to in each one, or write a story guessing what might happen next!

Come on an adventure with Molly!

Coronavirus, Explained – for children!

Keep smiling, keep creating, and keep PLAYING! 🎈🎉✨