Feeling the love as Big Porridge & Play 2020 draws to a close

Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures
we’ve had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join.


What a brilliant session we had on Saturday with 30 families!! The sessions are so full of excitement and generosity and feels like one big family!

We began with BIG AS A BEAR, our great warm up! Gyan told us that the warm up is important because it makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, which is so true! 👍

In FUNKY CHICKEN we met 10 hilarious animals! – Junior’s Funky Cat 🐱
– Adila & Muhammed’s Ninja Horse 🐴
– Janaiba’s & Ramtoulah’s Angry Lion 🦁

– Adesire’s Funny Butterfly 🦋 – Adeola’s Funky Cat 🐈
– Simmi’s Funky Chicken 🐓
– Modou’s Angry Horse 🐴

– Queen & Faly’s Slivering Snake 🐍 – Princess’s Crying Puppy 🐶
– Michris’s Baby Polar-bear 🐻

We then dressed up wonderfully for a very special occasion… to write and send A LETTER TO OUR LOVES!! And how beautiful we all looked! Everyone wrote fantastic letters!

Islam wrote her letter to her bed. 🛏 Donald wrote to pizza 🍕 ! Lawand wrote a letter to his squirrel 🐿 ! Ramtoulah wrote to her best friend! Yumna wrote to her mum, dad and pet fish! 🐠 Meerab wrote to her blanket, she loves her blanket because it keeps her warm! Taiwo wrote to his mum!

Such beautiful letters and so full of love! 💕

Next week is our final Porridge & Play Saturday session until January, so make sure you join us! I believe it’s going to be rather CHRISTMASSY!!! Ho ho ho! 🎅 🎄


11 families joined us yesterday for a brilliant Wednesday session!

🐶 🐇 🐝 In the FUNKY CHICKEN we met Javier’s Funky Dog, Lily Rose’s Cheeky Elf, Brown’s Buzzy Bee, Sara’s Happy Bunny, Jinru’s Happy Cat, Nuo Xuan’s Sneaky Snake, Emma’s Funky Elephant, Felicia’s Scary Bat, Ameen’s Angry Bear, Sayeh’s Tweety Parrot and Leo’s Baby Shark!

💌 🍕 🦜 Then, in I SENT A LETTER TO MY LOVE, we wrote and then posted our letters to our loves, singing the song. Taz wrote a letter to her love… pizza! She wrote that she loves pizza because it is shaped like the moon and tastes like cheese! Andre wrote a letter to his friend Pete, and Sara wrote a letter to her friends, her mum and dad and her new teachers! Sayeh wrote to Honey her pet parrot! Felicia wrote to Iona and Taz! And Lily Rose wrote ‘dear my lovely elf, Merry Christmas!’


🐻 🐇 🦆 It had been very chilly day this week, so we put a lot of effort and energy into a fantastic WARM UP! We started with BIG AS A BEAR when we… ran as fast as a hare, quacked like a duck, then stretched to the ceiling. Gyan pointed out that warm-ups are so important because they make us feel comfortable and welcome. We agree!

💌 🍕 🥛 After an extremely creative FUNKY CHICKEN, Iona announced that we had to dress up for a special occasion… a game of I SENT A LETTER TO MY LOVE. Iona wrote her letter to her pillow, for being so soft and comfy! Mahek wrote a letter to pizza, for being so tasty! Agyei wrote a letter to milk, which he has in his cereal every morning! Mercy wrote her letter to her lovely daughters, and Areeb wrote a letter to his dad, who always listens to him!


Inspiration for outdoors play ideas in Exploring with Jack & Iona

There are so many benefits to getting outdoors, as well as to playing and using our imagination – so it’s no surprise that when we combine the two, those benefits are intensified! Our latest Exploring with Jack film shows the limitless adventures that we can have when we add our imaginations to outdoors play – why not watch it as a family and get inspired? 

When Jack opens his 🗺️  Magic Map this time, a tiny Iona falls out! Iona has landed in the 🌲 Kingdom of Woodland – join her as she makes a sleeping mud potion for an ancient wolf, plays the tree orchestra, and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Get outside and you might be amazed at the adventures you can dream up from your surroundings – and then, when you get back, you can draw pictures or write about it in your 📙 Explorers Journal! Remember to send any pictures to cfn@licketyspit.com and we’ll share them with everyone!

The Kingdom of Woodland


“With no immediate family around, Licketyspit has been like my extended family. I have met so many friends and as a migrant mum I have found lots of things in common with the other families. I will never forget that first warm welcome. It’s the reason we and so many other families keep coming back.”
We were thrilled to hear what Lickety Play Champion mum Boatemaa had to say about her family’s experience of Big Porridge & Play in this interview with the National Lottery Community Fund.

The Community Fund enabled us to offer even more across the pandemic, delivering 72 online play sessions to our community of 120 fantastic families. It’s been wonderful to hear feedback from members of our Children & Families Network, and we’re so grateful to Boatemaa for sharing her specific insights into the importance of this project – for both children and parents.

Read the full interview