Big Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 7

15th June 2019

The final session in Ruchill was the last Big Porridge and Play 2019 and we were really moved and delighted to have so many people join us to send the project off in style.

We had to add and extra table to fit all 44 people – plus Virginia, Rita, Jack and Ruby round the table when it came to the meal, and it was lovely to share our games, songs and story with our guests. That included loads of your great Funky Chicken animals, like the Dancing Tiger, the Shy Butteryfly and the Slithering Snake.

We also played a great game of Witches Fingers, with confident cackling witches of all ages sending us from quiet suspense into laughter and joyous running off. It was clear at the beginning that having guests and a videographer there made a difference, but any shyness was soon forgotten as we got swept up in the worlds of the games.

Our Grannies in Monsters’ Footsteps were all very keen to tell us about the castles and caves they lived in, even the youngest ones! And everyone was focused on the game together as the grimacing trees crept towards the Grannies and they admired their un-treelike expressions!

After the meal, where we enjoyed trying Emma’s Jollof rice and plantain, as well as tucking into Edie and Nikki’s cakes, we had another go at On Off, which never fails to entertain everyone.

Then we sat down to read our story, Emily and the Magic Mountain – which was a picture-perfect way to end out time doing Big Porridge & Play at Ruchill. It’s a fantastic story which we really wanted everyone to hear in its entirety to recognise all the wonderful, rich ideas – captured here but which have been fizzy and popping throughout Big Porridge & Play 2019, giving the sessions the magic that we have all enjoyed so much.

In the words of our Actor-Pedagogue Jack, “Loved it, Loved it, Loved it. Thanks, Ruchill for this moment.”

P.S. Maureen and others expressed an interest in meeting up in the park to keep playing these games and we’d love to support the Ruchill community to do this. Keep your eyes peeled for text from Rita letting you know when the group might be meeting up to play together.

What you said…

“The obsession & enthusiasm as we played and sang together. Today’s was on a higher realm.” (Dad)

“Learning songs & games; seeing my children being challenged & growing in confidence; meeting other families.” (Parent)

“Their imagination has come on so much and they feel comfortable with playing without any objects / toys now.” (Mum)

“Everything means a lot to E, G and me. Hope Big Porridge and Play is on at Ruchill center next year.” (Mum)

“I hope you can come back next year and many years to come!” (Grandmother)

“They love all the sessions passionately. They are very sad that it has come to and end today.” (Parent)

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