Big Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 6

8th June 2019

We had a really fab sixth session at the Ruchill Community Centre. You could really see how everyone has got to know each other over the last six weeks, with the group chatting away at the start of the afternoon and during the meal, and other parents supporting those with the youngest children.

We all put on jam trousers and custard in Mucky Brew, which was hilarious, and went back to the Button Factory for Hello my Name is Joe.

Flying Balloons was lots of peoples’ favourite game. We saw a volcano, a pink and green whale and even a rocket going into space and the moon! We saw lots of little animals which turned out to be kites being flown along a beach, then one of them was lifted up into the air – with the man holding it attached, and we had to help pull him back down so he wouldn’t be carried off into space!

We also wrote an epic story together, sitting rapt for more than twenty minutes while Ruby helped us thread together everyone’s ideas. We started with a character, a place and an object, and ended with a rich and colourful tale of adventure, revenge and inclusion. The tale of Emily and the Magic Mountain is the longest and most detailed Big Porridge & Play story yet, click here to read about a Emily the baker, the Wizard of the sleeping cakes, the Dolly that came to life, and the Mountain where it all began…

What you said…

“Creating the story was my favourite because everyone gets to share their ideas” – Child

“I’m not sure what we’ll do when it finishes” – Parent

“We’re definitely coming early next week because we want to make sure yous come back next year” – Parent

“Doing this has made realise how much I like being with children, even though I’m an adult, doing these kinds of things I feel I can be more myself” – Volunteer 

Other blog posts…

BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow is a 7-week block of Licketyspit Playcard Play & food sessions for families with children under 12. This year for the very first time we will be going out for sessions 4 and 5 to have Picnic & Play sessions in cultural centres around Glasgow. Find out more by clicking here!