Big Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 4

18th May 2019

We are missing next week’s session not taking place because of the Bank Holiday so we wanted to make sure we had an excellent session of Porridge & Play today – and we did! –Jack, Iona and our General Manager, Shona were here for our 4th Ruchill BIG Porridge & Play 2019!

We started the session with our infamous Big as a Bear – everyone was in the mood to play and full of Licketyspit spirit!

We were SO SAD to hear about Old Roger! We wept and we wailed! So we planted an apple tree over his head! The apples grew ripe and tumbled down so the lucky Old Woman could pop them in her basket. Cheek! She was delighted BUT just as she was about to nip off home with them….Old Roger jumped up and he gave her a SHOCK! Eeek! That made the Old Woman go Hippety Hop!

We loved playing In the Way of the Word! One group decides on a ‘doing’ word and the other group plans different things to ask them to act! – taking a shower and playing football gigglingly was hilarious! So was brushing our teeth and eating our dinner sadly! Both groups performed brilliantly and we guessed all the words! This is a great game to play at home – especially with grown-ups who don’t usually play! And you realise how many brilliant words we all know! ‘Sneakily’, ‘Scarily’, ‘Delightedly’, ‘Lovingly’, ‘suspiciously’ !!!!

It was a really chilly and rainy day so we were glad of our delicious bowl of soup and we had  a good catch up!  Another wonderful Session – Sophie says – ‘every session is a new adventure’ and we all agree!

Looking forward to seeing you all after the Bank Holiday to catch a bus to a new adventure on The Tall Ship!

What you said…

“I drew a very scared granny! and that’s grannies house! It has huge love heart windows. The granny game was my favourite, I also drew my mum, thats her head, and her eyebrows.
I felt good and happy today!” (Child, 3)

“I drew monsters footsteps, the forest with lots of different coloured trees, that’s a big
brown house and I really loved granny’s footsteps, that was my favourite game.” (Child, 13)

“I drew a granny! and that’s a massive candle! The house is full of love hearts and I
drew a camel! The camel was living in the trees! the granny game was my favourite! and
that’s Big Foot Stomp Giant!” (Child, 5)

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