Wild Adventures of the Wednesday Crew

June Blog

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We have spoken the language of seagulls,

And eaten our way out of jelly,

We’ve rocked our way out of the teacup house,

And soared on the back of our Lily!

We’ve sipped the juice of the Ugly Bug Fountain,

That tasted a lot like pizza and pie,

We met Bella Spears,

And John Mackay,

Who go to bed with strange things,

On their noses and eyes!!

We are the Wednesday crew,


We go on the wildest adventures!

So sit tight and we’ll tell you the tale,

of 3 weeks of extraordinary fantasticosical ventures!!

Big Wednesday June Blog

In the MAGIC BALL we fly,

And fall,

Into places you might never find…..

In Week 1

we landed on the longest beach we’d seen in our whole life! A flock of seagulls appeared out of nowhere and pecked at our feet! Shoo! Felicia spoke in Seagull language to get them to fly away! ‘Caw caw!’ She cried as we ran and ran until we jumped in the sea – it was lovely and calm, yippee! But as we swam deeper, water filling our wellies, the sea began to turn into JELLY! Karmen said it tasted like strawberry, Brooke said it tasted like lemons and Lily said hers tasted like watermelons! Out popped the JELLY LADY who told us that we musn’t eat the jelly… we must WEAR the jelly! So we made jelly hats, and jelly dresses, jelly trousers and socks! But before she disappeared she told us that the only way to escape the jelly was… to eat our way out!! Luckily the tooth fairy’s brother was there (Lawand), who recruited all of his toothless friends to help us! Chomp chomp chomp… DEELICIOUS!


In Week 2

we sang our way into the tiny hole in the GREAT BIG OAK TREE! This was our passage to the UGLY BUG BALL!! The Ugly Bug Ball is the most important event of the year – if you’re a bug – which we were! We wereAlexander Mr Smart Spider, Murshidat the Lovely Lady Bug, Lawand the Angry Ant and Lily the Butterfly to name a few! Once we had slid down the bug slide and wobbled over a branch, we found ourselves in the most magnificent BUG PALACE! There was a bug juice fountain that tasted like PIZZA! Suddenly the BUG QUEENappeared to conduct the Ugly Bug Face Contest!!! So we pulled our ugliest bug faces and… we all won! Hooray!

In Week 3

we explored the Scottish Government policy Getting it Right for Every Child and made a recipe for a cake to grow.

Find out more in the section below!

In Our Final Week

we soared in the Magic Ball to the fancy party in Glorina’s Teacup House (Anaya)! She hadn’t managed to drain the tea before our arrival so we got very wet feet!! As it happened, there was a FANCY PARTYhappening in the handle of the teacup that very hour! Whoopee! However, Bouncer Mac Bouncer appeared to tell us that we had to mime sequences in order to be let into the party! We mimed riding a bicycle, baking a cake and frying an egg, so well that he let us in! Before he left he told us ‘123, seek the host of the party to find out what the dance will be!’ Lo and behold, it was a Teacup Dance! As we danced and spun around, the party filled up with the most delicious tea, with lots of presents bobbing around in it! It was time for a game of Lucky Dip PRESENTS! Iona stuck her hands in and pulled out…a cat, but when she gave it to Taz it turned into… a frying pan! When Taz handed it to Felicia, it turned into a CAKE, and when Felicia gave it to Pemi it turned into a diamond! It was the gift that kept on giving!

We love DRESSING UP and transforming into wonderful and strange CHARACTERS! A pillow as a hat! A towel as a cape! Ears made out of tights on our heads!

‘My name is wonder woman, I live in the secret headquarters and my favourite food is cake!!’ – Felicia

‘I am bag lady and I come with so many bags!’ – Fiire

‘I am Stinkypie and I live in a house called sugar cute corner! – Ayesha

‘I am the Fairy Godmother’s Brother, and I am here to collect your teeth!’ – Lawand

With endless characters also appearing in one of our favourite games… the FUNKY CHICKEN!

Do you know…

  • ‘the Jumpy Grasshopper?’ – Lily
  • ‘the Silly Seagull?’ – Emmanuel
  • ‘the Funky Horse!?’ – Junior
  • ‘the Cute Cat!?’ – Ayesha

We have sung GRANDMA, and ICKEROO, HELLO MY NAME IS JOE, and baked a CHILDREN’S RIGHTS CAKE!Covered ourselves in MUCKY BREW and had lovely WARM UP DANCES and STRETCHES and BIG SHAKES!

What incredible sessions full to the brim with rich ideas, joy, excitement and ultimate STORYPLAY!! We’ve met new friends and so many characters! We have shown ourselves that all we need is our IMAGINATION, for with that, we really can go ANYWHERE, be ANYONE and do ANYTHING!!

Thanks to the WEDNESDAY CREW for such a brilliant time! Have a wonderful Summer and we’ll see you SOOooooOOOOooN!!!

Lots of Love from Iona, Taz & Andre🎈

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The MEGA Lickety Gallery of the Wednesday Crew!

Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) Consultation

In week 3 Ruby visited the session to consult the children about a review of an important Scottish Government policy that everyone working with children will read – in schools, social work, healthcare and everything else children get up to.

We were talking about the values and principles of this policy “Getting It Right For Every Child”.

So we were asking, what do children need to  grow up happy, healthy, safe, loved and respected?

The Wednesday Crew came up with a recipe to share with the policy makers, who compared it with the values and principles to see if they’d captured everything the children thought was important!

The Recipe

  • Fresh air
  • A grown up (dad, mum, carer)
  • friends
  • sports
  • painting & art
  • education
  • a puppy, pets
  • flowers, the sun, nature,
  • a teacher that listens, teaches, a thank you to the teacher,

Felicia said when we were coming up with the recipe she felt

“Happy, loved & cared”

The Wednesday Crew’s descriptions of inequality:

– Some people might learn things differently or need other things to get to the same point. (Emmanuel)

– Inequality is like if someone has lots of toys and the other person had only one toy and they wanted a toy from them. (Esther)

– Inequality makes you feel sad (Felicia)

– If people are playing a game and if they are like cheating, they playing not fairly …everyone was supposed to have one sword then they have two swords then they are cheating and the other people would definitely lose (Frankey)

– Fairness is like if you play a game and then you have turns. (8 year old)

Margaret & Margaret at the Museum!

We’re very excited to tell you that Margaret & Margaret will soon be visiting the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, for a Licketyspit adventure!

Keep your eyes peeled for more on this over the coming weeks.