Porridge & Play in Kelvingrove Park!


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Saturday 26th June

Do you know what to do if you ever find yourself stuck inside a dinosaur’s belly? Tickling it until it burps you out usually works a treat!

And if you are at this side of the Seine river in Paris and fancy a snack after a refreshing swim, we very much recommend you visit the great wee cafe run by this brilliant lady who does French bread sandwiches, milkshakes and the best ever cake!

The sky’s the limit with a magic ball

Have you ever been caught up floating in the galaxy but needed to move faster instead of slowly?Then you should have a shot at Adesiree’s fast flying shoes to move fast in space!

And you may be interested in visiting Magic Land were unicorns can make you big and fast dancing, or turn you and your friends into unicorns or where, as Tobi discovered, there’s a science fair run by fairies who talk and bake tiny cake and brew tiny tea that makes so tiny you could take a lift on the back of a butterfly!

All of these adventures and more we had during our last outdoor Big Porridge & Play session at the lovely Kelvingrove Park in the West End of our city of Glasgow.

Kelvingrove Park

In it you can find the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, a skate park, two wee children’s play parks, a beautifulband stand and there’s even a couple of football pitches. And of course from Kelvingrove park you can admire the fantastic buildings that are part of Glasgow University.


Kelvingrove park is also an urban haven for wildlife because of its great big trees but also because it has the river Kelvin running through it! Birds you can watch are the grey heron, cormorant, kingfisher, mallard and goosander, and other animals include the red fox, brown rat and otters!


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What a fabulous backdrop to meet our Big Porridge & Play friends! They all came: Lawon & Princess, Dami and Abdullah, Amir & Ameen, Adeola and Victoria, Ibiyinka, Precious & Donald, Abiola and Risqat, Roqueebah & Abdulrahman, Anwar & Sadaf and Arshiyan & Injeela, Bimbo & Toby, Shahida & Aroush, Isatou with Janaiba, Ramtoulah, Amina & friend Sophie, Aleena and Mahek, Ibrahim & Fatima, Rukayat and Abdul, Nusaibah, Nabilah and Aishah, Victoria and Adesiree, Faith & Victor, Mariam with Marvellous & Tobi, Shazia and Anaya & Ayesha and Adumade & Faridah!


All together now!

And although this last Saturday of June was overcast and a little chilly we all got on chatting, playing, laughing, picnicking and enjoying the best treat of them all: each others company!.

Lawon & Princess baked a cake for everyone and Victoria brought ice-cream and cones for all, to top up our handmade samosa snack!

We met new friends Sophie and Serwah who had never really played with us before but they fitted right in! There were handstands against trees, improvised dances, football and even an impromptu What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

Our great big circle was one of the biggest so far as none of the Licketyspit families wanted to miss the last chance of getting together in person until after the Summer so we filled a big space in Kelvingrove Park and hang out just as other people enjoyed the park too with their friends, families and dogs!

Have a brilliant Summer break everyone and catch you all again soon! We’ll be in touch!

By Ruby, Shona, Virginia, Taz & the Licketyspit Families 🌞

This week’s Lickety Gallery!

Margaret & Margaret at the Museum!

We’re very excited to tell you that Margaret & Margaret will soon be visiting the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, for a Licketyspit adventure!

Keep your eyes peeled for more on this over the coming weeks.

Survey: State of Children’s Rights Report 2021

Our friends at Together are putting together their 2021 report on the state of children’s rights in Scotland. Together is a charity that protects children’s human rights and their report will say what the Scottish Government, public authorities like the council & schools and other organisations need to do to uphold and protect them too!

You can find their survey for children here (the questions are on pages 6-9).

And you can send your answers as writing, drawings, stories, photos and videos to info@togetherscotland.org.uk.

Go Gallivanting! 

with Erin, Ethan & Leah from the Licketyspit Children & Families Network!

Now that we’re allowed to travel round Scotland, hear first hand from children about some of the best family day trips from Glasgow! #childrensrights #childrensvoices #LicketyMums

First up…Balloch!

Leah’s Affordable Travel Tips 

Citylink Family Tickets: 2 kids go free with 1 adult at the weekends! https://www.citylink.co.uk/family.php

Scotrail £1 kids tickets: up to 4 children travel for £1 each with 1 adult https://www.scotrail.co.uk/tickets/ki…

Travel should be accessible to all  – it is vital for learning, connection, exploration and discovery!

That’s why Licketyspit supports Everyone Aboard: A campaign to extend free bus travel.

More information here.