Licketyspit at the Refugee Festival Scotland!


We went to the Scottish Refugee Festival!! Saturday 18th June We had a wonderful Licketyspit Picnic & Play to celebrate the Scottish Refugee Festival in Elder Park on Saturday 18th June with 14 families from all over the city – and all over the world! It was a blustery sunny day. The early birds had a hilarious time with Effie singing Old Roger is Dead & inventing millions of new verses and new characters for Jelly on his Head! Adeelah gave us Violet with Chewing gum in her mouth! Mohammad gave us Freddie with eggs on her ears! We had far too many to remember! Azalea with butter on her nose!  Melody with carrots on her nose! Flower with rolls in her nose! Jeff with sausages in his ears! Wendy with apple pit in her mouth! Nachos in someone’s eyes! Max with birthday cake in his mouth! many!  When everyone else arrived, we did BIG as a BEAR – which was BIG as there were 41 of us! We also played Funky Chicken and a raucous Grandma Grandma. Raucous means making or aiding in creating a really loud noise! Then we Dressed Up for our Magic Ball Adventure. Jainaba set up the Magic Ball for everyone. When we finally arrived and unzipped the magic ball to see where we'd arrived we stepped out into ‘0h gravity …wooooooo! ….we were in space! [...]

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Porridge & Play in Kelvingrove Park!


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! Get in touch to find out how to join. Saturday 26th June Do you know what to do if you ever find yourself stuck inside a dinosaur’s belly? Tickling it until it burps you out usually works a treat! And if you are at this side of the Seine river in Paris and fancy a snack after a refreshing swim, we very much recommend you visit the great wee cafe run by this brilliant lady who does French bread sandwiches, milkshakes and the best ever cake! The sky's the limit with a magic ball Have you ever been caught up floating in the galaxy but needed to move faster instead of slowly?Then you should have a shot at Adesiree’s fast flying shoes to move fast in space! And you may be interested in visiting Magic Land were unicorns can make you big and fast dancing, or turn you and your friends into unicorns or where, as Tobi discovered, there’s a science fair run by fairies who talk and bake tiny cake and brew tiny tea that makes so tiny you could take a lift on the back of a butterfly! All [...]

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Porridge & Play in Elder Park!


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! Get in touch to find out how to join. Saturday 19th June Larks in the park! Outing number 3 was at Elder Park! Elder Park is a park in Govan, just a short walk away from the River Clyde which is the river that crosses our city. ⛴️ The park has Elder Park Library, a boating pond, the original Fairfield farmhouse, the remains of Linthouse Mansion portico or ‘porch’ and a two small but lovely children’s play parks! 🏦 Elder park was gifted to the people of Govan for "healthful recreation by music and amusement" in 1885 by Isabella Elder, in memory of her husband, the shipbuilder John Elder. Ruby, Effie, Shona & Taz found a lovely flat bit surrounded by gorgeous trees where we could set up our picnic blankets and made a nice big circle with our cones and get everyone together safely for some imaginary play. Many locals from Govan came over to say hello and find out about what we were doing and they were very happy that we were visiting and enjoying their local park - with some families coming from as far as Drumchapel and Tollcross! And we [...]

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Porridge & Play in Linn Park!


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! Get in touch to find out how to join. What a day for outdoor play! Our second Saturday outing this year was to the 3rd largest park in Glasgow: Linn Park. 🌳 With beautiful woodland and river walks, it also has an equestrian centre, an orienteering course and a public golf course so it offers a lot of opportunities for fun, exercise and learning too. You can also admire and walk the "Halfpenny Bridge"over the White Cart Water or look out for Cathcart Castle or Linn House Mansion! 🌊 Linn Park is surrounded by the neighbourhoods of Cathcart, Muirend, Simshill, and Castlemilk so if you live in one of those you are not far away from this exciting Glasgow park! 🗺️ Saturday 12th June Virginia, Andre, Iona and Taz were not only very happy about meeting more of our families in person on Saturday, but also very excited about welcoming back our friend & fantastic actor-pedagogue Effie to the Licketyspit Team and to tell her everything about our Zoom adventures with our friends. 👩‍🦰 We set up our playing & picnic areas and told Effie so many things about you all and your wonderful [...]

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Playing together outside is back!


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! Get in touch to find out how to join. Park Life! Do you know how sometimes when we play we tele transport ourselves places on the Magic Ball? Or sometimes we jump into paintings or video games? Or we slide down chutes into other worlds?  Well, after months and months playing together on Zoom it felt like we all had jumped out of our screens to gather in person at Tollcross Park for an outdoors Big Porridge & Play session! Saturday 5th June Glasgow is home to Licketyspit and many of our families and it is also known as ‘The Dear Green Place’.🌿🌻 The name Glasgow means 'place of the green hollow' or 'dear green place' derived from the ancient Brythonic language words glas meaning 'green' and cau meaning ‘hollow’ and it is a very fetching name because our city is full of great parks huge and small and green areas for everyone to enjoy! So we had the brilliant idea to choose some fabulous Glasgow parks to meet up with our friends for a play and ‘hang out’. 👋🏼 For our first outdoor Saturday session we chose the gorgeous Tollcross Park which is internationally [...]

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Big Porridge & Play Gorbals Week 4


23rd May 2019 This week the BIG Porridge & Play Gorbals families set off from the St Francis Centre through the Gorbals and over the Suspension Bridge to play on Glasgow Green. We had a brilliant session! The Funky Chicken arrived with lots of funny animals - like the cheeky dog, the roaring t-rex, the angry cheetah, the happy lion and the cheeky spider and we had a great time dancing, singing and roaring as we walked along the road together like a big family. When we got to the park we wept and wailed over poor Old Roger. We planted some apple trees over his head - but when the apples grew ripe and all tumbled down a cheeky old woman came along and popped all the apples into her basket! She was very pleased with herself until suddenly…Old Roger hopped up from his grave large as life and gave her a SHOCK! Which made the old woman go Hippety Hop! We all think this story-song is hilarious! Everyone wanted a go at being Old Roger (and the Mums were scared!) We played a huge game of Witches Fingers with some scary parent witches cackling away! The witches had a terrible time trying to catch us though because we had the whole of Glasgow Green to run away to! We had wonderful Monster Trees which crept slowly up [...]

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