Big Porridge & Play Week 3

The Olympic Games of Games!

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Welcome to the Olympic Games…of Games!!

We will WIGGLE, RACE and MIME! Place an egg on your spoon and see if you can reach the finish LINE!

Team Licketyspit warmed up their bodies, to compete in the Games of Games; star jumps, press ups, break dancing, all to help us play!

The best thing about the Olympic Games of Games is that it’s all about playing, so there are no winners or losers. Because when we play we can relax and all the amazing ideas we all have inside can burst out!  We can be anyone, go anywhere, do anything!


8th May 2021

The Olympic Games…Of GAMES!

In space, in a location only reachable by Magic Ball, the most mysterious, wonderful and celebrated floating field awaits the arrival of teams of players from all over the whole wide world…

These teams are formed by the most serious, dedicated and committed players who spend many hours of their days throwing themselves into the most hilarious and imaginative games…

And today the cheering crowds can hardly contain their excitement at the prospect of witnessing fabulous playing from Team Mary Macs all dressed in Black, Team Grandmas and the one and only Team Licketyspit!!!

“And the Teams have entered the Floating Play Field and they are warming-up…the crow is going wild! Team Mary Macs are doing the actions of their characteristic song as their warm-up for the races and Team Grandma is already wiggling hard in preparation but the surprise comes from Team Licketyspit! Lead by player Andre they are warming up to a new RHYME!!! ”

‘There was once a boy who stood up tall
as he waved to the wall with a big yawn.
He reached for this cat and reached for his hat
then he stroked the cat and pick up his hat!
He rotated his head from his bed
 side to side and then… hide!
It was just the cat under the mat!’

Great warm up Rhyme to get ready your body & mind!!! Add to that some brilliant moves from other Team members and this lot is ready to RACE!
First up is the Egg & Spoon race, an absolute classic but a tricky one non the less…balance, speed and precision are at stake here and remember… two variants tend to be popular on this race: the High Speed On The Spot variant or  the Slow Motion & Very Dramatic variant and each team member can choose the variant they want…and they are OFF!!!!

And over there the Wiggle Like Fool race with the Grandmas as favourites but you never know! Any of this Teams are contenders as they all take playing very seriously!

And last but not least…the Funny Face Pulling Race!!! The judges will shout out funny faces to pull and the Teams members have to try their very best…

Raisin Face!!

Pumpkin Face!!
Scary Face!!
Smiley Face!!
And as a bonus round…FREE STYLE SILLY FACE!!!

The crows are delighted with the brilliant playing from all team members and we are all so INSPIRED to continue playing forever more!

By the Saturday Gang, Taz, Jack & Andre 🎈


5th May 2021

All in the GAMES…

People have been playing games since…since…well…since the VERY BEGINNING! I mean, take the Olympic Games for example. But what if instead of playing sport games we had the Olympic Games of Playing Games!!!

People from all over the world can come together in their Teams and play all sorts of games!

Welcome to the Olympic Games of Games!

  • Over there the Jelly On Their Head Team who are just fabulous at all things strange, funny and wearable to get ready for the best night sleep!
  • And warming up over here you can see the Ickerickeroo Team who can sing for hours and hours about their body parts!
  • Everyone wave at the Grandmas Team…fierce and very experienced!
  • And of course let’s welcome the Funky Chicken’s Team of incredible animal impersonators!

But OH!!!

Here they are entering the Arena, this glorious Scottish beach…here they come…look at them, so brilliantly dressed up for the occasion…the indomitable and brilliant….LICKETYSPIT TEAM!!!!

Now these players from the Wednesday Gang take their playing very seriously, they are already in the lead for the ‘Best Song With Actions medal’ and are well placed for a special ‘Impersonating an Animal’ award but what everyone is waiting for is…


Now the people watching here today are going crazy about all the Teams because they inspire the whole world to play together!

I can see that the Teams are in place for the race…all at the starting point…waiting for the signal and…THEY ARE OFF!!!

  • Murshidat and Chris Junior are showing great stamina and Sara & Lily have incredible balance!
  • Look out for Fernanda, Aroush, Tia very serious contenders to ‘Good eggs Of The Year’.
  • Michris, Neimar, Osato, Fiire, Pemi and Desire are doing the race using big ostrich eggs! BRAVE!
  • And watch newcomers Keith and Fridaos shinning bright like proper old-timers!!


From the Wednesday Gang, Iona, Taz & Andre 🎈


6th May 2021

Drizzle potatoes with chocolate syrup… stick them on your head! 🥔 🍫

Pick a pickle from the jar… have a bite… and pour the liquid down your back! 🥒

Stick some strawberries… on your face! 🍓

How about some of last week’s STEW?? Let’s make the MUCKIEST BREW! 🍜


Welcome to the Olympic Games…of Games!


ROUND 1: Wiggle! We were competing against Team Granny in this round, who were the best wigglers of all! We wiggled with all our might, trying not to fall! 🍏


ROUND 2: Egg and Spoon Race! The music began and we all took off, racing round the track with our egg and spoons! Precious dropped an egg, and Donald picked it up, Ameen balanced bravely and Mahek’s egg took off! 🥚🥄


ROUND 3: Mime your favourite Funky Chicken Animal! Now this was the most serious game of all for everyone knew that Team Licketyspit were the Funky Chicken champions… the pressure was on… but no pressure was needed because we were all BRILLIANT! Monkeys, birds and bears all flew around the stadium! 🐒 🐦 🐻


The crowds clapped and cheered and roared, and everybody won! Because playing is about being free, yip yip yippee for the Olympic Games of Games!!! 🥳


We had 2 new Thursday members, welcomed by Agyei! ‘Welcome Hilde and Jayden I hope you will have a lovely time at Licketyspit and will enjoy the life of Licketyspit.’


Yes, welcome to our new Licketyspit Team Member – the wonderful Hilde! Hilde loves to play!


See you all next week, hip hip hooray for Thursday!

From the Thursday Gang, Iona, Taz & Hilde 🎈

The Lickety Art Gallery!

Have Your Say Through Play Opportunity

As Scotland prepares to incorporate the UNCRC into law, Licketyspit is taking part in an event to help grown ups responsible for children’s services and activities across the country become children’s rights champions!

We’re looking for up to 8 play champions to help us show everyone how to champion children’s rights through play. 

Tuesday 18th May – prep session

Thursday 27th May – main event!

Tell us if you want to take part!

Together with Refugees

On 10th May 2021, we join 100+ organisations in the Asylum Reform Initiative to say we stand #TogetherWithRefugees.

For children’s rights and for human rights, we must reform the asylum system. From digital exclusion to poor mental health, the UK immigration system makes life  harder to families seeking safety in Scotland, as we learned in a recent Have Your Say Through Play consultation.

“You know in the school, maybe they want to go for the excursion, because they are asylum seeker they can’t go” Mum, Children & Families Network

The way we treat refugees reflects who we are. And we say, this is not us. Civil society across the UK is standing up against the government and Licketyspit is committed to championing this campaign together with members of our Children & Families Network.  #WhoWeAre

And Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! 🌙

Over to You

The latest creations from Licketyspit Children & Families…

Arshiyan’s Drawing

Big Porridge & Play…Outdoors!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be running some special outdoor porridge & play sessions next month. Each family will be invited to attend 1 session and these will all take place on Saturdays. Mums and Dads of children over 5 will be invited to go for a walk in groups of no more than 6, during the play session, and covid precautions will be taken to ensure we can all play safely and comfortably. A small snack and drink will be provided and bus fares will be covered.

Please reply to our email/message to let us know which park you could attend!