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Friday 13th May

Hello and welcome to Big Porridge and Play Glasgow online 2022!

We had so much fun coming together again to play from all over Glasgow! We played Miss Mary Mac, Big as a Bear, Funky Chicken, Dressing Up, and Magic Ball! It was so much fun using our imaginations, remembering in our imaginations we can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything! It was great to see so many of our friends again after so long. We also welcomed a new family! We’d like to say a big Licketyspit welcome to Sarah, Stella and Joy!

We all love a good song and rhyme at Licketyspit! So, we started off with Miss Mary Mac! Seeing everyone saying the words and doing the actions in our boxes together helped me feel really connected.

Saif & Fateh even said “I love this. It is so much fun, ” which is what we love to hear!

Having 35 of you all joining in with the fun and games at our first session was amazing and really shows how our Licketyspit family champion play!

Playing games online is a little different to playing in person, but we have just as much fun. It also means we get to play with others who wouldn’t always be in our own communities!

You all know at Licketyspit we love dressing up! It was very clear that you all love it too. We saw Junior’s family all wearing matching Dressing Up! They were rocking some brightly coloured blue bonnets and marvellous yellow blankets! Dressing Up is always fun because at Licketyspit we don’t need costumes, we can use anything around the house, just like Junior and his family did.

When we were all Dressed Up, Ruby found a Magic Ball.

Magic ball, Magic Ball, take us where we want to go!

We climbed inside our Magic Ball and off we went to Spain! We picked up some sunglasses, making sure to protect our eyes from the sun. We could see a city full of trees. Christabel saw some cars there, and we thought that we should explore some more. Ameen said ‘I could use my spider webs!’ So we all grabbed on as Ameen pulled us along! We then saw a big tree that we wanted to climb! Zara helped us find the things we needed and Ope helped us by building steps so we could all climb up. At the top, we found a Tree Monster who spoke another languuage. Luckily, Stella and Sarah helped translate, finding out that the Tree Monster was too hot. We all gave the Tree Monster some water, and she felt so much better. The Tree Monster then gave us a teleportation device that took us to Magic Land, where there were many inanimate talking objects – like food and gold!

Inanimate Objects are things that are not alive (like rocks, a chair or even books!) They don’t usually talk! 😉

The next person we met was Miss Sherbet! Lara made Miss Sherbet a sandwich and in return Miss Sherbet told us to go to the tree that was west, on our left. That was when we discovered a pool! Junior thought we should rush over to the golden pool and swim! Joy said to us that there was a snake in the water, and when we touched it, it felt silky and soft. We then decided to go underwater with our snorkels on, seeing multicoloured fish and all sorts.

To our surprise, at the bottom of the pool, we found the Magic Ball that took us back home!

What a great adventure! We can’t wait to see you all at the next Big Porridge & Play Online on Friday 27th May!

Blog by Andre, Rhianne, Ruby and the children of Big Porridge & Play Online!

Some of our drawings from Week 1……

I drew the city, the Magic Ball and the golden pool. I drew us climbing the tree and going to the golden pool!’


I drew the trees!’


I drew the magic ball, and I drew when we went to Spain and drew all the trees. It (Tree Monster) spoke a different language, and it said that it was hot, so we had to give it a drink.’


‘When the first lady needed water, everyone was coming over to give her a drink.’


‘An egg! (What’s inside the egg) A chicken!’


‘The Magic Ball it was scary when it was shaking, and we did not know where it was going to land.’


I drew the part of going up the tree with the tree monster.’


‘This is my drawing for drinking the potions and characters saying what is happening in the next drawing and then in the next picture they just help her.’


The Lickety Gallery!

As we all know people from refugee backgrounds make a huge contribution to life in Scotland. We believe that’s worth celebrating!

The Refugee Festival brings people together to meet, mix and get to know each other better.

On Saturday 18th June we will be at the Refugee Festival with a Storyplay Session filled with games that let us use our imaginations! Maybe we will go on an adventure in our Magic Ball? I wonder how many Funky Chicken animals we will meet?! Let’s not forget to take our Flying Balloons and travel to wherever our imaginations take us! Remember in Storyplay we can be anyone, do anything and go anywhere!

This year the Festival is all based on Storytelling! Which is perfect for Storyplay. We can’t wait to explore all your wonderful stories!

We will be running a Storyplay session at 11.30 and we will be having a lovely free Picnic! We love playing and eating together at Licketyspit and especially now that we can play with you in person!

Spaces are limited so If we are oversubscribed we’ll do a ballot to allocate places! 


to sign up email cfn@licketyspit.com or phone +44 7413 800 342