Cakes, castles and Carrot & Cheese World!

Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures
we’ve had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join.

Saturday 24 October 2020

What a happy, energetic and exuberant session we had on Saturday! We learned new ways to say hello, stirred autumn leaves and honey together to make a great big cake – and we went inside a fairytale book in our game of MAGIC BALL!

⭐ In our new HELLO GAME, we learned how to say hello in four new languages – we can’t wait to learn even more next week!

👋🏾 Yoruba – Bawoni
👋🏿 Urdu – As-salaam ‘alykum
👋🏻 Arabic – Marhaba
👋🏾 Wolof – As-salaam ‘alykum

🎂Then, we dressed up marvellously as bakers for LET’S BAKE A CAKE! Chef Virginia & Andre needed everyone’s help to make an enormous cake, so we all put on our hats and aprons, grabbed a wooden spoon and a great big bowl… and off we went! 🎶 ‘Let’s make a cake, let’s make a cake, think of all the things that we like best!’

🍓 We filled the cake with… autumn leaves, honey (Anaya & Ayesha), strawberries, jam, vanilla (Brown), caramel (Abdullah) and runny chocolate (Sayeh). Then we decorated it with bananas and glitter (Lawand) – it was deeeelicious!

🔮  Soon it was time for the MAGIC BALL and this week we landed inside… a fairytale book! At first we were squished between the pages, so we jumped up and down with Lawand until we burst out of the page and into the fairytale!

🏰 We immediately spotted a great big pink castle, so we ran over to it and knocked on the door. There we met a Fairy Queen who only spoke in Fairy Language…Luckily Abdulmateen knew how to speak Fairy so he spoke back and found out that she was hungry and would love some of our cake!

🌲 Afterwards, she gave us each a pair of fairy wings and we flew high above a beautiful forest! We looked down and saw bunnies and we met an owl boy called Fateh who said woot woo!

🦉 When we began to fly back to the magic ball we suddenly realised that we were being chased by dragons! Arghhh!

🐉 We escaped the dragons by landing in a lake, where we had a relaxing swim, closed our eyes and felt the water float around our heads and the sound of the fairies singing!

What a magical adventure – I wonder where we’ll go next week?!

Iona 😊🎈⭐️

Wednesday 21 October


9 families and 22 participants took part in our Wednesday session this week – and what fun we had! We made the most deeeeelicious cake, marched with Miss Mary Mac and bounced around in a bouncy cloud!

🐻We began with MARY MAC, waking up our bodies and our voices… ‘with silver buttons, buttons, buttons all down her back, back, back!’ Then we warmed ourselves up even more with the BIG AS A BEAR Warm Up!

🎂It was then time to dress up, and we all appeared as the most fantastic bakers! Baker Taz needed help with a new cake recipe, so we all came up with one in LET’S BAKE A CAKE

🍦 We thought of all the things that we like best: strawberries and chocolate, ice cream and even cotton wool!

🔮 We mixed it all in and popped it in the oven, it was delicious! When Taz was having a taste of hers she found something hard and round… and when she reached into her mouth she found a MAGIC BALL! So we wasted no time at all, blew it up, and got inside… ‘Magic ball, magic ball, take us where we want to go!’

Thursday 22 October


What an amazing session we had with our Thursday families this week! We marched with MARY MAC in our warm up, then we made the most delicious cake filled with carrots and a giant strawberry and even got in a game of FUNKY CHICKEN – meeting Emmanuel’s Porky Pig, Michris and Nemar’s Big Dragon and so many more brilliant animals! But when we found the MAGIC BALL our adventure really began…

🥕🌲 We arrived in a forest where the trees were huge and looked a bit orange… so, we scrubbed the trees and discovered they were actually carrots… and we were standing on cheese!

🥕🧀 Yes, we were in Carrot and Cheese World! The cheesy ground was bouncy and tasted smooth and yummy. Then Ayaan & Noor led us down a great big cheese slide and at the bottom, we met the Cheese Lady!

🥪🥤 Michris and Emmanuel spoke to her and discovered that she was upset because we’d eaten some of her cheese… she asked us to follow her and then we found ourselves inside a lunch box where Simmi and Taqiyah handed out orange juice that made us grow, and we blew up so big that we burst out – to find ourselves in a grass forest!

🦋 🐛 There we met The Grass Giant whose body was made of grass and animals – Noor spotted butterflies and Ayaan saw a caterpillar. Then we all had a sleep until Michris spotted a plane and drove us back to the magic ball!


Happy Halloween!

In our Big Porridge and Play Online sessions this week we’ll be having some spooky Halloween fun! If we find the MAGIC BALL we could end up anywhere… a scary forest full of bats, or even inside a giant pumpkin! 🧛 🎃 🦇

Given we’re not allowed to see our friends very much at the moment, here are some great ideas for games to play at home as a family this Halloween, from Play Scotland. As you can see, there are still loads of ways we can PLAY even if we can’t do what we usually would. We hope you give some of these a try!