A Bog Creature, a Giant and Mucky Brew!

Porridge & Play Castlemilk

Porridge & Play Castlemilk is a Licketyspit Storyplay project for families with 3-8 year olds in the area.

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Wednesday 5th July

The Porridge & Play Castlemilk pals took the library by storm again this Wednesday.

We had a rollicking adventure featuring a mucky brew, a giant and some very tasty marshmallows!

We danced, dressed up and met, among others, the Funny Camel, the Hungry Hippo, the Happy Crocodile and the Funky Unicorn.

The Magic Ball took us to Spaghetti Land where we had to suck up enough spaghetti to create a path. In amongst the tomatoey strands, Maryam spotted some gummy sweeties – yum!

Then a Bog Creature appeared and invited us to join in their favourite activity – getting mucky!

Slugs and flies, syrup and smashed up strawberries, we were soon as mucky as could be. We poured on some melted chocolate to top it all off!

Mucky me mucky you mucky mucky mucky brew!

Then we danced a dance in a long long line, and to our surprise, whoosh!

A wave came along to wash us clean.

Kevin saw a shark so we pretended to be seaweed, then when it was safe we floated on our backs, relaxing in the waves.

Safe at the shore, Desire lit a fire and we toasted marshmallows with chocolate, sprinkles and fruit.

Then Kevin spotted a Giant who led us in a Catwalk.

Woohoo! What a fun time. See you again soon for more Storyplay summer adventures.

Sarah, Taz, Emma & Ruby

The Lickety Art Gallery

‘I spotted Saturn!’

Artist Kevin

I drew the mucky brew with all the disgusting stuff. 

What was your favourite thing?  ‘The cat walk’  

Artist Muizza

‘I drew us doing the fashion catwalk and meeting the giant.’

Artist Aishah

‘Random characters. It’s the land where they make them.’ What did you enjoy today? ‘Getting a library card!

Artist Pemi

‘I drew the funky chicken and the cheeky monkey.’ What did you enjoy today? ‘The dance warm up where you get to copy people’s dancing’

Artist Fiire
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What else is on in Castlemilk?

There’s lots of other summer fun happening in Castlemilk this month.

  • The Library is hosting Arts & Crafts club on Mondays 11-12 & Fridays 2-3.
  • And Lego & Board Games on Saturdays 10.30-1.
  • On Wednesday 26th July we’ll be going to the Fairy & Goblin day at Castlemilk Park, together as a group (more details to follow).
  • And there’s lots more on at the Parish Church, Youth Complex and more community venues, as detailed in the poster below.