It was the week of the Upside Down Trouser Dance!

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Friday 22nd July

It was the week of the Upside Down Trouser Dance! 

‘I’m upside down Trouser Bob and welcome to my silent Disco! All you have to do is place a pair of trousers on your arms, upside down and away you go, DANCE!’

We danced and danced until we landed in the sea, lay on our backs to feel the breeze of Upside Down Trouser Land! Our bellies were full of cake after landing inside Esmerelda’s Cake World. We had to eat our way out and then bake more cake mixture for her to fill the holes with! 

Grannies gathered from far and wide! Granny CeeCee from South America! Granny Umberella & Granny Sunglasses joined us from America having just been to a very relaxing musical concert!  Granny Lazy felt like doing nothing! Granny Swoon loved to Swim! All the grannies went into the green Magic Ball today and had a very marvellous time! 

At Big Porridge & Play online, we always have the most wonderful time!

I wonder where we might go next…!

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