Grannies and Dragons? We’re back online!

Storyplay City is funded by Glasgow Communities Fund 20-23

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Tuesday 7th February

Full house at the first Storyplay City Online session of 2023!!!

Our very keen Saturday lot were beaming with expectation and the Licketyspit team couldn’t stop smiling as more and more friends arrived to Storyplay together!

Saturdays are even more exciting with friends and family coming together for imaginary play, songs, rhymes, games and whatever surprises we’ll create using the great power of our imaginations.

It seemed rather fitting to kick start with a dance to a tune that makes everyone ‘Happy’ and to follow it with our warm up game Big As Bear!

Do you know the Angry Dragon? It goes ‘Huff and Puff! Huff and Puff! Huff and Puff!’

We also became Barking Dogs, Funky Bikes, Happy Unicorns and Silly Ducks.

We were all very ready for a Dressing Up and we transformed into very special Grannies! We had Granny Leopard who is very fast and makes chocolate chips and white chocolate cookies very fast too. And what about Cool Granny and RockStar Granny? We met Granny Bunny who loves soup in the morning and Granny Doctor who can tell what’s wrong with you in a flash and advise you on the best treatment! Granny Artist loves to draw and Granny Happy Kind lives in a lovely house with a huge pond at the front! Granny Smart says ‘Pardon’ and eats cheeseburgers before taking off for a wee fly

And Yellow Grannies love having parties and serving Magic Cake that takes you to another universe when you eat it!

All that on our very first Saturday…I wonder what other brilliant adventures we’ll create with our imaginations and each other?

See you next Saturday!!

By Taz, Sarah, Andre & The Saturday Pals

The Lickety Art Gallery!

We opened our Licketyspit Art Gallery for a stunning collection of drawings shared by phenomenal artists with a lot to say.

Some of them even wrote a story inspired by their own drawings!