Porridge & Play in Elder Park!


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Saturday 19th June

Larks in the park! Outing number 3 was at Elder Park!

Elder Park is a park in Govan, just a short walk away from the River Clyde which is the river that crosses our city. ⛴️

The park has Elder Park Library, a boating pond, the original Fairfield farmhouse, the remains of Linthouse Mansion portico or ‘porch’ and a two small but lovely children’s play parks! 🏦

Elder park was gifted to the people of Govan for “healthful recreation by music and amusement” in 1885 by Isabella Elder, in memory of her husband, the shipbuilder John Elder.

Ruby, Effie, Shona & Taz found a lovely flat bit surrounded by gorgeous trees where we could set up our picnic blankets and made a nice big circle with our cones and get everyone together safely for some imaginary play.

Many locals from Govan came over to say hello and find out about what we were doing and they were very happy that we were visiting and enjoying their local park – with some families coming from as far as Drumchapel and Tollcross! And we even made a new friend that was just in the park for a walk! Amina & her sisters didn’t know about Licketyspit or the way we play but Ruby invited them to join us and Amina had such fun that it felt like we had known her for ages!

It was so lovely to see children and grown ups alike chatting to each other and getting to know each other a little bit more in person…it’s funny to notice how nice it is to hear peoples’ voices naturally and not through a screen!

As you know at the moment we have to meet in smaller groups but can you you imagine everyone who came to play together on Saturday morning and afternoon making a great big circle?

Who came

Lydia, Queen & Faly, Dami, Abdullah, Amir & Ameen, Andzelika, Frankey & Zofia, Aya & Tia, Banaz & Sara, Haqim & Lawand, Ife, Fiire, Pemi & Desire, Olubunmi, Esther, Glory & Goodness, Esther, Firefunmi & Orire, Lisa & Lily, Ali & Magnus, Omar, Fifi, Islam & Basmalah, Beauty, Osakpolor & Osato and Titilayo, Aliyat & Ayomide… that’s two big circles of pals, right?

What did we play?

We sang Grandma, Grandma and Jelly On His Head, warmed up to our Big As A Bear rhyme, mimed our favourite moments and had extremely intrepid adventures in the Magic Ball where we landed on ice-cream land, had to rescue Ruby with a rope and pulled her out a sinking ice-cream hole, met unicorns that talked to Zofia & Faly, swam with giant fish and rode camels, crawled into tunnels to find the pyramid’s door, dug for a golden key and met a mummy who was in trouble, so naturally we helped her! And then we did everything backwards…back to the Magic Ball!

After play chill

A snack and a drink are always welcome after you’ve had a good play, so we tucked into samosas, fruit and biscuits and Banaz surprised everyone with a batch of delicious home baked sunflower biscuits…so tasty!

After getting some energy back with a snack and wee rest, there was more playing: the climbing frame and the rope ship were a hit with all the children and some also played football, tig and even hide & seek.

Some grown ups exchanged numbers and even talked about meeting up again soon.

All the children looked very happy with their Porridge & Play Tshirts and many wore them all day and they also seemed happy to get a new book to take away home.

And although most of the day looked like it was going to rain, the rain held back to let us play without any water proofs! Hurray for summer & playing outdoors!

By Taz, Effie, Shona, Ruby & The Licketyspit Families 🌞


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This week’s Lickety Gallery!

Porridge & Play Children SAID Hey!

Also on 19th June (on Zoom!) 8 brilliant Storyplay Champions led a session for 7 brand new families as part of Refugee Festival Scotland.

Sharing their play culture and warmly welcoming new friends to the Licketyspit community, we were incredibly proud of them.

I felt happy and excited because I meet new people and I was very, very happy to be a play champion.”  Princess, 9

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Survey: State of Children’s Rights Report 2021

Our friends at Together are putting together their 2021 report on the state of children’s rights in Scotland. Together is a charity that protects children’s human rights and their report will say what the Scottish Government, public authorities like the council & schools and other organisations need to do to uphold and protect them too!

You can find their survey for children here (the questions are on pages 6-9).

And you can send your answers as writing, drawings, stories, photos and videos to info@togetherscotland.org.uk.