Week 2 in Sunny Govan

A week of Witches & Chocolatiers!

Tuesday 18th October 2022

It was lovely to be back at the Pearce Institute for week 2 of Porridge and Play where we welcomed some new people to our group, finished Bimbo’s delicious soup and played Witches Fingers….

After which we went on an adventure with a Magic Ball!

Ruby found a blue ball that needed blown up so it could take us all somewhere amazing. But where might it take us?

Minal suggested we could go to the beach, Amrina suggested going to Paradise which would be beyond anything we’d ever imagined…

When we had blown the ball up we all climbed inside and when we unzipped it to climb out, we found ourselves somewhere we had never been before.

Inside Mr Bean’s house!

We were all very small and Mr Bean’s teddy looked really big.

Shams suggested we go to London so we crawled along a long tunnel, with Ameen passing everyone a torch so we could find our way. When we came out we saw the sights of London and Gosia spotted a jumbo jet sitting on the tarmac so we all went up the steps.

Once aboard we met Stewie Stew the air flight attendant

Stewie asked us for our tickets. Fortunately Gabi had some for everyone. But we had no pilot! So both Abeera and Ameen became our pilots.

Qurrat suggested we fly to a chocolate castle, so off we went! We flew over the sea and on the way we saw some cats out the window and Sultana even saw a ghost.

When we landed Sadeen knocked on the door of the chocolate castle where we met Chocky Choc and her assistants. Abeera was keeping an eye on the castle so it didn’t melt. They all stirred the chocolate and when it was cool everyone got some to taste. It was delicious!

Sadeen’s tasted of banana, Gabi’s was white chocolate, but Ruby’s was garlic!

Next we went to look at the splendid artwork in the castle. We spotted a chocolate cat and there was something on the ceiling. What was it? It was a whole lot of chocolate plushie toys! Aliyah told us that one of them said “Help me I’m stuck” so we all ate more chocolate which propelled us up to the ceiling and we set them all free. 

It was time to go back to the Magic Ball but how would we get there?

Gosia happened to have some magic fairy dust so a pinch of that, some turning around and a clap got us back to the Magic Ball and safely home. Hurray!

I wonder what adventures we will have with the magic ball next time….?

Marie Louise, Hilde & Cami

p.s. click on the Dressing Up playcard video below to try some Storyplay at some with Effie!

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

I drew the girl on my jumper, I was in a rush. (about the witch character) I came from underground, and I walked – a five minute walk – with my worms!



This is the black sky, the cloud (points out the window at the sky)

(Did you like flying in the airplane? – nods)



Each of these characters has their own super power!

That’s just happy

This is a muscular

These are the eyes

They’re the aliens



That’s a smiley face

That’s my mummy

(What was your favorite game?) Costumes


I made a chocolate castle


That’s when I was dressing up and I had the bags and the clothes



It’s a boy, an anime boy


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You can find more information on Licketyspit here.

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