A Mucky Monsters’ Brew!!!

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Messy play makes for hilarious play!

Saturday 25th February

We concocted a glorious Mucky Brew covering ourselves with eggshells and soil, crumbled unicorn cookies, honey, flour, a bucket of chocolate pudding, raw eggs, honey on our legs & uncooked porridge in our mouths…

Beautifully sticky! Fabulously stinky! Incredibly revolting! HILARIOUSLY MESSY!

And out of that fabulously stinky mess, a very messy bunch of Monsters appeared!

We met One Leg Unicorn Monster & Bat Monster, Smart Monster & Scary Monster, Smelly Fly Monster, The Hattery Monster with her bag of hats, Spider Monster, Magic Monster & even Hero Monster came along.

Worried Monster found a wee ball but all the other Monsters knew that was no ordinary ball but a Magic Ball and so our messy journey began!

All the monsters landed in a cave that had a rather weird echo… we tried roaring and Magic Monster played with the echo by making a groovy sound that came back even groovier.

A few spiders appeared and as Nest Monster was telling everyone how unsure about them she was, a much bigger spider showed up! The Monsters wanted to chase it away but they discovered the spider was upset-

‘I got many legs but I don’t know what to do with them’.

So the Monsters shared their best dance moves and the Big Spider was delighted to learn such great shapes.

As a thank you, Big Spider gave out spider threads for the journey…the Monsters climbed the threads and got to a circus audition!

Lead by a crazy marshmallow eating juggler, whose trick was to juggle many marshmallows, eat them and then go for a nap.

The Monsters chose their audition circus pieces. There were impressive magicians and juggler wannabes!

Suddenly one of the marshmallows grew and grew…

and spat us out to Wonderland where the Princesses wanted precisely 20 marshmallows from the Marshmallow Lake where marshmallows grow inside shells.

All the Monsters dived in and managed to get very many because when you ate one marshmallow it would multiply, so it was a marshmallow bonanza!

Magic Monster Muhammad arrived with a help note from Faridah who had been kidnapped by another monster! So we took a diversion and arrived in a forest where a very decisive Cockney Penguin guided us through the Sticky Forest to the Big Tree. Monster Hattery realised that the Big Tree had a Magic Branch so we pulled it and HUZZAH! There was Faridah!

Rescue mission accomplished!

Our Saturday Storyplay was very messy and very fun, because messy play makes for hilarious play!

By Taz, Sarah, Iona & the Saturday Pals

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