The Incredible Shrinking Forest Animals!

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Saturday 4th March 2023

Herbert The Hedgehog happily strolled through the forest. It was a cold but sunny Saturday morning and on his way he met the world famous Three Craws! – who love nothing better than to perch on a tree branch under the moonshine.

The Three Craws introduced Herbert to a whole new bunch of animal pals; he met Barry The Sheep, Mr. Other Wolf and Crocodile Desire. Also Mrs.Octopus Queen of Octopus, the Queen Of Sharks & Unicorn Mermaid were there visiting!.

Mr. Silly Cheetah and Mittens The Pink Cat, Banana The Lion and his Human Friend showed up too. Brian The Tiger, Snowy The Panda, Meely The Dalmatian with the big belly and Oceana The Mermaid Unicorn didn’t want to miss out on the fun! And Rich Dragon and his Bodyguard turned up even though Rich Dragon was sad cause he had lost a scale…such a gathering of fantastic creatures!

‘What’s the time Mr.Wolf? – it’s 2 o’clock – time for a bath!’

3 o’clock- time to go to the garden to pick flowers!

4 o’clock- time to dance!

5 o’clock- time to go for a walk

7 o’clock- time for DINNER!’

Mr. Wolf loves a watch! He has different ones he has collected through the years!  A blue water one with mermaid scales that his sister found, a glitter with diamonds and gold one, a rainbow watch that he got from the Queen of Owls and a gold and fur watch that he got from Mittens The Pink Cat!.

After having a good old play Herbert noticed a Magic Ball hiding between some mushrooms and in all the animal pals popped and off they went for a Magic Ball adventure!

‘In Candyland things aren’t what they seem and they definitely don’t taste as they should!’

It was a bit shocking to realise that candy floss can have onion flavour and that the ground of Candyland though lovely and pink in colour, tastes nothing like strawberry….

Unicorn Christabel showed everyone how to fly like her and Unicorn Muizza gave out Unicorn Dust to eat and help with the flight. And so they flew over a forest full of dragons and decided that they had to explore it!.

As they landed a boy called James Shapeshifter told them about this Dragon football match that was about to kick off but there were not enough dragons to play so they joined in and showed off their football skills and Ope scored!


The match made everyone hungry so they thought to go foraging in the Dragon’s Forest. They found blackberries and raspberries that shrunken everyone! Luckily Mittens The Pink Cat knew that eating healthy food makes one grow so she found apples, bananas, oranges, pears, blueberries, even grapes and passed them on so everyone could grow back to their sizes to go back home on the Magic Ball after a most excellent adventure!.

By Taz, Sarah, Andre & The Saturday Pals.

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