A Super Cake & Electricity Bolt!!

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Friday 27th May

This week was all about… chefs! Football chefs, Zuper chefs and Superhero chefs all joined forces to make a fantastic CAKE!!! And what a cake it was. I will share the recipe with you now.



For the cake: 

  • Runny milk chocolate
  • Strawberries
  • Salt and vinegar noodles
  • Electricity bolt
  • Love
  • Berries
  • Pepperoni and corn pizza
  • Sweets

For the topping:

  • Spicy powder
  • Tangerine slices
  • Icing
  • Sprinkles

To catch the electricity bolt the Zuper Hero Chef guided us through. We had to run outside and think of something sad, and if we all threw the sadness into the air at the same time it would evaporate and transform into an electricity bolt! We had to quickly catch and hold it with all of our strength before throwing it into the cake bowl! Why don’t you give it a go?

The cake was rather spicy but very delicious and we washed it down with a glass of milk! We each took a bite of the electricity bolt and our bodies started bouncing uncontrollably, filled to the brim with energy and excitement. We bounced and bounced until we could bounce no more, and after that we all felt great!

Next time you’re playing why don’t you find a jumper, tie it round your head and turn into a chef? You can make any kind of cake that you like!

Hot tip: Smelly socks are very good ingredients!!

Blog by Iona, Andre & the children of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow Online!!

The Lickety Gallery!

Some of our drawings from Week 2……

‘The cake in the oven and the ingredients and the topping! Chocolate strawberries noodles, electricity bolt and pizza. Toppings are spicy, tangerine slices, icing and sprinkles!’


‘I’ve got 3 cakes then and I’ve got my own recipe. Ingredients: Love, Sugar berries & Sweets!’


‘At first I drew when we had the balloon and then we blew and we were in the sky! We went all over the world!’



As you know, we are always finding out what children think at our Storyplay sessions. Sometimes we do special consultation sessions where we have our say through play about issues that are important to children & families – like the pandemic, climate change and children’s rights.

Last May, some of you helped us to share our Storyplay games with 88 Childrens professionals from all over Scotland, at an event about children’s rights. They loved it! Read about it here.

Now the Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network have asked us – and you – to do it again!  So, we need some Storyplay Champions to take part in this event about children’s rights with us.

Can you join us?

You must be able to attend BOTH of the sessions.
1⃣Friday 17th June 4.30-6pm (preparation session)
2⃣Tuesday 21st June 3.30-5pm (sharing Storyplay at professional event)

To sign up email cfn@licketyspit.com and tell us all the names of those who will be attending!