Week 3: Pirate Captains & Magic Ball!

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8th June 2020

Govan – Tuesday 2nd June 2020

The Govan posse got together yesterday for a bit of hang out and a lot of PLAY!

We talked about how much everyone likes dressing up with just any old stuff or ordinary things we may have around…I tied a t-shirt around my head and a scarf around my forehead and just like that I turn into Pirate Captain Taz!! I had the most fierce bunch of misfits for a crew and I ordered them about for bit he he…Then we had Captain Priyangaa and Captain Muhammed and Captains Erin and Ethan and Captains George, Lazare and Tomass too!! All of the captains were rather grumpy and bossed us about rather a lot to scrub the deck, ride a shark and go and find treasure!

We got into the Magic Ball and landed in a Cheese world where we all tried the cheese which tasted like all sorts of other things like grapes!

We found a hole and crawled through it and then met a cheese creature who gave us special cheese. After that we ended up in the North pole where it was very cold. Ethan provided us with a match and we had a wee fire to warm up. We spotted an igloo and wondered about whose home that was. Muhammed suggested that no one lived there and when we were about to leave walking through the ice a polar bear emerged from the igloo!

The polar bear had not seen anyone for many years and was a bit grumpy but I persuaded him that we were there to bring him presents. I offered a bunch of flowers but the bear didn’t want them and then everyone else offered a nice gift of crayons, drawing pads and fish! We chopped the fish, made it into kebabs, salt and peppered it and ate it…it had all sorts of unexpected flavours like bubblegum!

When we returned to Glasgow we got on with some drawing and our Art Gallery was something to behold!

By Taz

Milton – Wednesday 3rd June 2020

As Captain Djames appeared we knew we were meeting a fierce Pirate Captain! He didn’t give us a moment’s rest, commanding us to scrub the deck and put on our shoes! His Captain’s roar sent shivers down our spines! I wonder if Captain Djames will be as fierce when we play Pirates again!?
Do you know the Cheeky Elephant! WHAT DID YOU SAY? Do you know the Cheeky Elephant! WHAT DID YOU SAY? Ryan’s suggestion in the Funky Chicken got us all on our feet walking like elephants! Mihika introduced us to the Flyable Cat!
In the Magic Ball we first landed in Ryan’s fishing land, under the sea. We had to keep swimming! Mihika spotted some beautiful rainbow Sardines! Ryan wanted to catch a Salmon by opening our mouths deep underwater and catching one with our teeth! But Iona the Salmon didn’t want to get caught! We quickly realised Iona the Salmon was our friend, so we tickled her instead!
We swam to shore and realised something didn’t smell so good! We all put pegs on our noses and followed the tunnel… This wasn’t any old tunnel! We crawled into the boot of a Giant! The boot was filled with tomato plants and we tried some! Djames’ tasted like lovely tomato but they didn’t all taste like normal tomatoes! Ryan’s tasted like popcorn and Mihika’s tasted disgusting, just like rotten socks!
The Giant was back to get his boot! We had to quickly get out of there! We ran for our lives, running faster and faster! Luckily we managed to get out of the boot just in time and we all got back into the Magic Ball to get home! Phew!
By Jack

Easterhouse – Thursday 4th June 2020

Yesterday’s session was particularly adventurous and imaginative…We became fierce and feisty PIRATES, we boogied with the DANCING HIPPO, we travelled INSIDE A JELLYFISH and flew high in the sky on our MAGIC FLYING HORSES!!!Once everyone had arrived on zoom we all said our cheery hello’s and then leapt straight up into MISS MARY MAC! We marched along with her and jumped high like the elephant that jumped over the fence! ‘He jumped so high, high, high, he reached the sky, sky, sky, and he never came back, back, back, until the 4th of July ly ly!

‘Magic ball, magic ball take us where we want to go! Weeeeeee!’
Oh! It suddenly felt all warm and slimy… we undid our zips and found ourselves inside a jellyfish! It was stinky and made our voices go all wobbly!
The jellyfish swam towards a pirate ship where captain Emmanuel pulled us all out. There we found that we weren’t just on any pirate ship, we were on an ice cream factory pirate ship! We could have any ice cream in the world!! Tammi and Munize handed it all out to us and Yusrah came up with all kinds of fabulous flavours!
When the ship landed ashore, there waiting for us was a whole pack of flying horses!! Sofia led the way and we all jumped aboard a horse. Holding on tightly the horses took flight, and with the wind in our hair we flew high up in the sky, looking down to see big green parks! Joyce suddenly spotted a waterpark with a huge slide, so we flew down, said thank you to our horses and tumbled down the slide! By this time we were rather exhausted so we found the magic ball and went back to our living rooms for a rest.
What a magical adventure we had!

By Iona


Cooking with Taz, Exploring with Jack & Making with Iona

Episode 2!

Cooking with Taz

Episode 2 – Tomato Soup!

🍳 In this episode Taz shows you how to make a delicious Tomato Soup! Did you know the word “tomato” comes from the Aztecs in Mexico? Find out more and cook-along as a family! 🍅😋

🍲You’ll need:

An onion
A clove of garlic
A tin of tomatoes or fresh tomatoes
A carrot
Plain flour
Stock cube

#cookingwithtaz #LicketyOnline #BigPorridgeandPlay

Exploring with Jack

Episode 2 – Paris!

🌏 When Jack isn’t doing the Funky Chicken he loves exploring and going on ADVENTURES! Each week you can go with him, travelling all over the world to some exciting places, meeting some weird and wonderful animals and asking some strange questions! With your Magic Map you can go anywhere and that’s exactly what we’re going to do…

Making with Iona

Episode 2 – How to Make Pet Fish!

🎨 This week, Iona shows you how to make your very own pet fish out of a milk bottle! All you need is a clear container (like a takeaway box or a glass bowl), a plastic milk bottle, some pencils or wax crayons, a piece of string or ribbon, a pen and a paper clip!

You shall have a fishy
On a little dishy
You shall have a fishy
When the boat comes in!

Play hook the fish or make up stories and sing songs with them! Iona’s fishare called Courtney and Sean! #makingwithiona #LicketyOnline #BigPorridgeandPlay

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