Bubble Bubble, Toil & Trouble

Porridge & Play Maryhill

Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our SPOOKTAKULAR final session at Woodside Library! 

Tuesday 31st October

Well!  What a  spooktastic Halloween party we had at Porridge & Play this week!  

Woodside Library was host to an array of fabulous and fantastical creatures and witches from far and wide! (And we met a spooky chicken, a very scary cat, a monster rat and a scary wolf!)  


Have you ever wondered what a witch is like? What they might wear? How they might travel 


The most marvellous witches arrived at Woodside Library today.  


They had journeyed from far and near. They looked STRANGE! and it turned out that they LOVED casting ghastly spells!  


First Witch Heather and the Bog Witch led our crew of weird and wonderful spell-makers with ear splitting cackles! Ah ha ha ha! Screeched Witch Heather! Luckily Witch Hermione quickly turned Witch Heather into a frog!  


The magnificent Witch Mistieosa had flown all the way from Witchland! It turned out she had a brilliant spell to turn people into broomsticks! So she turned the Bog Witch into a broomstick and Witch Heather jumped on top of it and flew about on her!  


Witch Jamal,  tried to turn Brodie into an ant….. but the spell bounced past him and hit Witch Emma instead! Amazing! 


We all had a good cackle at Witch Layla’s cheeky spell when she turned Witch Spooky Steve into a Horse – which made a spectacular neighing sound!   


As if that wasn’t enough excitement, The Bog Witch told us about a special ball she’d forgotten the name of that would take us anywhere we wanted to go and it turned out to be a Magic Ball! So, we all climbed inside, chanted the magic words and off we went! 


We flew through the atmosphere and arrived somewhere that felt very wet and very cold… but when we unzipped the ball we discovered we were in a castle,  where we found a Lonely witch! The Lonely Witch was a bit grumpy at first, but I think she quite liked us! It turned out, she  was just in need of some witchy pals to help her with her potion-making!  


We helped the Lonely Witch to make a potion full of yucky things, the yuckier the better she screeched!

Pumpkin, frogs, bananas, strawberries and of course, some smelly socks!  

We sang  our spell;

“Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble!’

Bravely Leigh-Anne tasted a teensy bit of  the potion and – Oh No! –  it turned her into a Funky Chicken!  

Actually, we decided we all liked the look of that!  So we drank some potion ourselves – “yeuk!” – and became Funky Chickens too!  


Then the Lonely Witch showed us her favourite game…Witches Fingers! We loved tricking each other with Pineapples and Pumpkin juice and just when it was least expected – POISON! Weeeeeeee! 


It was getting late and some of us witches were a bit sleepy, but the Lonely witch had another idea and she took us all to her amazing BOG! What a bog it was! Squelchy and muddy and smelly …..and amazing! When we’d had enough of that,  we squashed the bog into a tub, to have as a tasty snack for the journey home to Glasgow!  


Rita suggested we could go back on the train and Princess handily made one magically appear! 

So we all hopped on board, happily waving goodbye to the now Not-so-Lonely Witch! Come and visit us in Glasgow anytime!, we shouted, and the Lonely Witch just smiled her cheeky wee smile, because she’d met the best new witchy pals ever and she thought she just might! 


It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later Porridge & Play pals!

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our Autumn Block of Porridge & Play at Woodside Library and of course to the wonderful Staff at Woodside Library for all their help making these sessions possible! 

We had a great time and we hope to see you all again SOON! 

Remember Woodside Library (opening times below) will still be there and their amazing staff team will always be happy to help you! Why not try your own go at Bookplay? Like we did with Where the Wild Things Are, have a read of the story, maybe grab a pal, a sibling, a granny, mum/dad (WHOEVER), and step right in for as long as you like, knowing that…you can ALWAYS go back to that place, all you really need is your imagination & WHOOOSH the story is yours!

If you want to recommend any books to your friends from Porridge & Play you can also get in touch with Emma emma@licketyspit.com or text// WhatsApp


Woodside Library Opening Times:

Monday 10 am–5 pm
Tuesday 10 am–8 pm
Wednesday 10 am–5 pm
Thursday 10 am–8 pm
Friday 10 am–5 pm
Saturday 10 am–5 pm
Sunday Closed

Our Halloween Feast included…

Ruqayyah’s northern Nigerian Waina (Masa), Funkaso and miyan taushe (soup)!

Rita & Maya’s ghostly baked goods

Leigh-Anne’s de-eelicious Chickpea Pasta 

Steven’s Monster Soup

Juanhong’s noodles
& Virginia’s spooky cup cakes! 

We were all so excited by the food we didn’t manage to photograph everything so if you have any questions about the any of the dishes or want the recipe for any of them do let us know!

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