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Porridge & Play Castlemilk

Porridge & Play Castlemilk is a Licketyspit Storyplay project for families with 3-8 year olds in the area.

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Wednesday 28th June

Storyplay Summer is here!

It was fabulous to be back in Castlemilk for the start of our summer 2023 Porridge & Play sessions.

We were warmly welcomed into Castlemilk Library where we’ll be meeting every Wednesday for Storyplay imaginings, food and friendship.

With a mix of old faces and new, we got to know each other with our Dancing Warm up!

Then our favourite Funky Chicken joined the fun with his crew – the Laughing Hyena, the Angry Elephant, the Angry Lion, the Happy Giraffe and the Happy Cat.

We flew high in the sky in our colourful Flying Balloons. We saw the sea and the mountains, the sky and the moon! A zoo full of animals, squawking and merry and flowers that smelled like strawberries!

We dressed up to the nines and pulled our scariest grins. Till some witches appeared with a cackle and giggle!

I’m going to drink a bottle of p-p-p-p-p-POISON!!

With a narrow escape we arrived at our p-p-p-p-p-PICNIC and enjoyed a feast of bread, watermelon, cheese, boiled eggs and cucumber sticks.

The day was complete with an excellent Cake – made with chips and sausages in the Storyplay way!

Thank you for playing with us.

Sarah, Emma & our volunteer Chris will be joined by our dear friend Taz next time we meet for Porridge & Play Castlemilk.

Until then, keep playing and remember, your imaginations are limitless!

The Licketyspit Team

The Lickety Art Gallery

“This is a balloon another balloon and this is a witch and this is grandma’s walking stick. (favourite food from picnic)  the watermelon!”

Artist Rhoda

“A witch. A witch saying poison. With butterflies and flowers. The flowers smell of strawberries and raspberries. The witch is Kennedy the witch.”

Artist Kennedy

“I made a house. My sister and me live in the house. There’s a slide in the garden. It could be my house when I grow up.” (Most liked today) The food – strawberries!” 

Artist Ryan

“A mermaid. I saw her from her balloon. Swimming fast. And with fish. (Are they her friends?) Yes!”

Artist Robyn

“Letters & phonics. Z for zebra. Everyone is using the alphabet. I wrote words and letters. Apple, ball, cat, dog, frog, goat, igloo, kangaroo, lion xylophone, yell and zebra.”

Artist Kevin
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