Stylish Ruchill Grannies

Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 2

Saturday 22nd October 2022

Well! It was a wonderful sight this week to see all the fabulous Ruchill Grannies dressed up so stylishly!

We met Granny Osman who drank coffee for his tea, and lived in a home and Granny Jamie, who ate bread with only 5 spoons of sugar in his tea, lived in a flat with a cat, an old tv and a picture of his grandchildren.

Then, when we made our way into the forest, to our surprise and delight there was A DJ rock’n’roll star Granny making Rock’n’roll music! This amazing Granny lived in the circus and sang in the circus with Wishy Washy & The Godfather & Abanazzar. He liked to eat burgers and chocolate cake and when he sang and played air guitar, all the trees in the forest began to dance along with him! It was one big old forest disco!

Then there was Granny Fares who turned out to not actually be a granny and liked bread. In the forest,Granny Fares grew summer veg & melons and liked cookies and milk for his tea. He was super brave and not afraid of those old Monster Trees at all!

Granny Sean liked feet for breakfast inside his house made out of a Hooji potion and Granny Jeffrey enjoyed Pineapple for his tea, but Granny David much preferred to eat strawberry cake for his tea and in his actual cup of tea he liked tea bags and he lives in a big house.

Granny Daniel loved to eat porridge and Granny Smith apples and lived in a fun house. He walks with his walking stick because he has hip problems. Then there was Granny Gabby, a silly granny who’d built a rainbow house for herself out of some stores like Aldi and Lidl. She liked  to eat everything and cupcakes and also enjoyed tickling the trees!

Last but not least was Granny Maureen, otherwise known as Granny Little Red Riding Hood and she stared at her food hungrily because…

Do you know what she liked to eat? Children!!!

That was a bit scary so we had to get out of the forest and find the Magic Ball which fast as lightning, took us to an Enchanted Park where we found a very cute enchanted bunny, who spoke a different language and fortunately, Gabby spoke that very language and helped us out! It seemed the bunny was friendly and hungry and wanted some soup! So we chopped lots of veg, made the soup in the pot and stirred it with a spoon as it heated up. The bunny looked happy and seemed to be having a great chat with Granny Daniel, who could obviously also speak fluent bunny.

The soup was delicious and tasted like strawberries and Cobwebs and Rainbow.

Guess what happened though!!! The soup made us smaller, so we were shrinking and  worried as we saw an eagle flying above, but Jeffrey saw dirt on the ground and we all dug a hole in it to hide.

We were delighted then, to find water and we swam underwater to see Fares’s shark and Jamie’s green fish, Fares’s blue and red fish and  Emmanuel’s Mermaid. After that we were so hungry, we munched on Marshmallows and Gabby’s, tasted of ice, Sean‘s tasted of pancakes and Maureen’s was like chocolate. Jeffrey said his was like medicine and Daniel said it was like rotten eggs! Smelly stuff! But, it made us grow back to our normal size and we realised,

We needed to get back to the Magic Ball, but how?

It had floated up to the Moon! We needed a rocket, so the intrepid grannies found one and we all blasted off to the moon where we happened upon a Leprechaun and sang her The Marshmallow Song! After that, the Magic Ball took us safely home.

That was a fabulous adventure for all the Grannies and a trip, I imagine, we’ll  never forget!

Sarah, Andre & Cami

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

The magic ball

A monster


(What colour was the magic ball?) Pink


“I drew a rocket when we were going up to space.

It was taking us to the magic ball on the moon”


“So, this is rocket ship and the moon and this is the ball.

That’s David’s magic ball. Its Ruby Red.”


“This is the sea, there’s the shark, there’s us pretending to be the sea weed, there’s the water.”


“This is everybody going into the magic ball going into the different places. I picked under the sea.”


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