Final Porridge & Play Castlemilk!

Porridge & Play Castlemilk

Porridge & Play Castlemilk is a Licketyspit Storyplay project for families with 3-8 year olds in the area.

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Wednesday 2nd August

We had an awesome final session at Castlemilk Library!

We turned the music UP and we booogied our way through a dancing warm up teaching each other our favourite moves before declaring ourselves as BIG as Bears & meeting a whole HOST of funky chickens.

We clucked & squawked and jumped like jumpy frogs, sneaked like sneaky cats, got all mixed up as confused octopuses do, roared like angry lions, HISSED like angry snakes until finally we were BARKING like angry dogs.

AND then someone said… “Joe? Are you busy?”

We all said “NO!”

Pushed all the buttons till each and every limb was occupied ready to burst… or rather we were really ready to…


And enter the magic ball.

Through the magic ball we found a pirate crew...we didn’t have a ship but we did make it to pirate island. On pirate island we saw PREHISTORIC ANIMALS & ran away from cannibals. Suddenly a blue whale appeared.

It was a relief that Harris could speak Whale!

Harris told us that the whale was desperately hungry. All hands were brought on deck to feed the whale (although pirate ship)..but we did get given Fishing rods! (Thanks Rhoda!)

Feeling restored the whale returned to the sea and was able to give us a lift on her back across the ocean. Dipping under the waves she guided us to a shipwreck.


COINS, Chocolates!

so…we FILLED OUR POCKETS till we WERE So HEAVY! we had to help each other up one at a time!

Thank goodness we made it because once we made it to the shore we met the MOST AMAZING ICE CREAM MAKER!

Not only did she make her own ice cream but the ice cream she made CHANGED FLAVOUR!

Taz’s started with potato… then roast chicken!

We made sure the ice cream lady would join our crew by paying her all our treasure. INCLUDING a golden toe nail and some of us even offered her our teeth.

Time for a picnic & some drawing!

Artist Ellie revealed that her drawing was actually a map… not just a treasure map… but a map that brought the pirates to life.

So together with our map, we gathered for our final Castlemilk Porridge & Play 2023…MAGIC CLAP!

The Lickety Art Gallery

‘I spotted Saturn!’

Artist Kevin

I drew the mucky brew with all the disgusting stuff. 

What was your favourite thing?  ‘The cat walk’  

Artist Muizza

‘I drew us doing the fashion catwalk and meeting the giant.’

Artist Aishah

‘Random characters. It’s the land where they make them.’ What did you enjoy today? ‘Getting a library card!

Artist Pemi

‘I drew the funky chicken and the cheeky monkey.’ What did you enjoy today? ‘The dance warm up where you get to copy people’s dancing’

Artist Fiire
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What else is on in Castlemilk?

There’s lots of other summer fun happening in Castlemilk this month.

  • The Library is hosting Arts & Crafts club on Mondays 11-12 & Fridays 2-3.
  • And Lego & Board Games on Saturdays 10.30-1.
  • And there’s lots more on at the Parish Church, Youth Complex and more community venues, as detailed in the poster below.