Chocolate fountains, angry animals, and letters to our loves!

Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures
we’ve had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join.


9 September 2020

We had a lovely, relaxed and cheery session on Wednesday with four brilliant families. There was some fantastic dressing up – Noor with funky sunglasses, Ryan with a towel on his head and Gabby wearing a pillow as a hat!

We also had an absolutely marvellous adventure with the Magic Ball, including…

🥪 landing inside a lunchbox, squished against an enormous sandwich!
🍫 eating some chocolate that made us grow into giants and bursting out… into a computer!
💻 meeting a computer man who’d been living inside the computer for years – thankfully Emmanuel knew how to talk to him in Computer Language, and found out we needed to escape quickly!
🏎️ we escaped by playing a computer game, driving around in colourful cars
⛲…until Gabby found a chocolate slide and we slid down it into a chocolate fountain!


10 September 2020

There were so many highlights from Thursday’s smaller session, too!

As well as I SENT A LETTER TO MY LOVE and a most marvellous Magic Ball adventure, in this week’s FUNKY CHICKEN we met the most hilarious animals, even if some of them were a bit angry!

🦋 Aminata introduced us to the Beautiful Butterfly that went “flutter, flutter”! 
🐶🦈We met Victor’s Angry Dog and Adesire’s Angry Shark – oooh errr, I wonder if they would get on?! That’s quite angry!
🦊 Anaya and Ayesha introduced us to the Hungry Fox
🦆 We met Meerab’s Silly Duck
🐰 And Felicia introduced us to the Funny Bunny, who said “look, I found some money! What a lucky bunny!”

Now all we need to do is make up a story with all of these animals!


12 September 2020

We ended the week with our Saturday session – with 16 families!

👷🏾👋🏿 In HELLO MY NAME IS JOE, we met Joe, who works in a button factory and has a lot of button pressing to do… by the end of the rhyme we were pushing buttons with both hands, both feet, our heads, and our tongues!

🍮🥤🥣We got really mucky indeed in MUCKY BREW! We covered ourselves in custard, porridge oats, flour, mud (Donald) and orange juice (Felicia) and mixed it all together!

💌👖🧣🕶️ In I SENT A LETTER TO MY LOVE we had to dress up for a very special occasion – pillows were worn as hats, towels as dresses and trousers as scarfs! The DJ played some groovy music and we all danced around as we put on our fabulous outfits. We then each wrote a letter to our loves, and our loves could be anyone or anything! Abdal wrote a letter to his pillow, Sanjay wrote a letter to his cuddly monkey and Felicia wrote a letter to her family!

Would you like to join in?

⭐  Our Saturday sessions are open to all children and families. To make sure that we can all get the most out of them, though, we run one ‘open session’ each month where new families are invited to join.

⭐  The next one is on Saturday 17 October, so please get in touch this week if you’d like to come! We’ll ask you to join the video a little bit earlier, so we can say 👋🏾 a big hello👋🏾, let you know how it all works, and you can ask any questions you may have. Please email or text/call 07413 800 342  and we’ll give you all the details!

Make a note on your calendar for the next Open Sessions! ⭐  17 October ⭐  31 October (a Halloween special!) ⭐  21 November


‘How are you doing?’ A chance for 8-14 year olds to have their say!

Children’s experience matters! ❤️ The Children’s Parliament has created this wellbeing survey for 8-14 year olds to find out how they’re doing and collect their experiences at this difficult time. Please do encourage your children or others you may know to fill this out and let their voices be heard, in their own words. 

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Join our first ever imaginative play consultation!

As you may have heard, the Scottish Government has promised to incorporate a major international law protecting children’s rights into Scottish law. It’s called the United Nations Convention of Children’s Rights – and you can read more here about why it’s such fantastic news for children across Scotland! 🎉 🙏✨🎊

Of course, to be able to find out what young people want, think and feel, the government need to speak to young people directly. And, since children communicate through PLAY, we’ve invited policy-makers from the government to two very special play sessions on Monday 21st and 28th September. Now all we need is you!

If your children would like to join in and have their voices and feelings heard, through fun, imaginative play – let us know! Please email to register your interest. Parents and carers are also welcome! 

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