Licketyspit’s Xmas Dress-Up!

A Fundraising Challenge

All you need is your imagination for a Magical Christmas!

Some of our fantastic families won’t be getting a present this Christmas so we would like to be able to give them a some presents from US ALL!

We invite YOU to join our Dressing-Up Challenge to make a fantastic & hilarious costume out of anything you can find around the house or office!

Then if you can, donate to our Christmas fundraiser. 

Donate Here

How to take part:

1)  Dress yourself up in a fantastic & hilarious costume made out of anything you can find around the house or office! 
2) Take a picture and share it with us tagging @LicketyTweet or Licketyspit on Facebook with the  #xmasdressup
3) if you can, donate to our Christmas fundraiser here.

Lickety Dressing Up tips with Effie

The Lickety Gallery