Happy Holidays! A Festive Final Week

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🎁 What a brilliant final session! We played the PRESENT GAME where one present can transform into lots of wonderful things!! Kamila & Saif turned their present into a Christmas tree and gave it to Muhammed who turned it into a candy cane who gave it to Muizza who turned it into a magic snow tree 🌲 who gave it to Tobi who transformed it into a MAGIC BALL…
🐧 We landed in the North Pole and immediately got attacked by hundreds of snowballs thrown by the huge Snowman Monster! Adesire spoke to him in snow language but he wouldn’t stop throwing them – so we all threw snowballs back and ran away!! We found an igloo to take shelter in and on the way in we came across a sleeping polar bear! We gently reached out our hands and stroked it. The polar bear made satisfied snoring sounds and it slept peacefully! In the igloo we met Betty Clause who handed out mince pies and cocoa! ☕️Fatou’s mince pie tasted of mushrooms and cinnamon and ginger and Modou’s had a meatball inside! 🥧 
🍭 Then Betty told us that all of the reindeer had escaped! Oh no!! Luckily Amanda had loads of rope which meant that we could lassoo them down! We each caught a reindeer and were just getting ready to ride off when we suddenly met a very sad Rudolf!! Meerab spoke to Rudolf in reindeer language and discovered that he was really hungry!! 
❄️ So Sarra & Jassim & Hawaa popped a malteser into Rudolf’s mouth and he was tranformed! Happily leaping around! So we all climbed on our reindeer’s back and flew and flew and flew. When we landed we found some magic stars and made wishes for the new year! We danced on the snow and music began to play, how happy we were!! 


‘Christmas on his head? Christmas on his head? How can he sleep at night with Christmas on his head?!’ 🎄
🦃 What a fabulously festive session we had on Wednesday! We met Polly who went to bed with a pillow full of holly OUCH! We danced a festive dance! We had a snowball fight in the Magic Ball! And Andre even gave Abdullah a whole forest! Wow! We didn’t play the Funky Chicken this week… but we did play the FUNKY TURKEY!! 
🧝‍♂️ We met all kinds of hilarious and festive characters! Lily Rose’s Cheeky Elf, Nuo Xuan’s Slippery Cat 🐱, Emma & Christelle’s Funny Santa, Sara’s Christmas Bunny 🐰, Franky’s Christmas Present 🎁, Javier’s Christmas Reindeer 🐾, Felicia’s Christmas Chicken and Sayeh’s Christmas Parrot!🦜
🎊 There was also the Smelly Sprout, the Greedy Pudding and the Squashed Pea that went… SPLAT!!


🎅 ‘I think I know a boy, I think his name is Timmy, I think he goes to bed at night with… Santa in his chimney!!’ 
🔴 A brilliant final Thursday session was had, so much festive cheer, fabulous dressing up, and even an appearance from Ayaan the red-nosed reindeer! 🌹In ‘Christmas on His Head’ Emmanuel made up a verse about Rose who went to bed with tinsel on her toes, and Eshal went to bed with Brussel sprouts on his eyes!! He he!
❄️ In the MAGIC BALL we landed in the biggest snowball fight in the world! We had to take shelter and after a quick ice lolly from Sanjay 🍡, Gyan & Agyei suggested we take shelter in an Igloo! We marched quickly to the igloo but on the way Iona got stuck in the snow so we all had to pull her out! The lovely Igloo lady appeared and invited us in, which involved crawling through a narrow tunnel. We wondered about making a fire to warm up but she thought it might melt the Igloo… eek! Suddenly, out of nowhere, Rudolf appeared (Azaan) with his sister reindeer (Eshal) and he spoke in reindeer language! Luckily Emmanuel understood what he was saying, and translated for us all. 🗣Rudolf was inviting us on his sleigh!!! So off we flew high into the starry night, dropping presents onto the houses below! 🌃 

What a magical year we’ve  had playing with you all.

Have a brilliant holiday and we will see you in the New Year!

Hooray for play! 💓 😊


Merry Christmas & a Wonderful New Year from all of us at Licketyspit!

Christmas video coming soon…watch this space!


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