Witchy brews, fruit fairies and ghost trains!

Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures
we’ve had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom! See below for details of how to join.


23 September 2020

Thank you to the 12 families in Ruchill and Milton who joined us for our final Wednesday session of the month! We kicked things off with our favourite warm ups, where we got covered in chocolate ice cream, mud, cornflakes and ice lollies in MUCKY BREW then washed it all off with the WASHING SONG.

🧙‍♀️🥤☠️ Then something very exciting happened – we dressed up as witches for WITCHES FINGERS! Amanda, Glory, Esther, Muiz, Muizameel, Muqseen and Murshidat were all witches drinking witchy bottles of… orange juice, apple juice, coke, water, paint and paper! But then, we all drank a bottle of poison! Oh no!

🍵🥕🕷️ Witches Iona and Sanjay then let everyone try their yummy witchy soup. Iona was cooking hers with peas, carrots and spiders, but when she had a try, she found something very unexpected – the MAGIC BALL!

🐳 👑 🐉  So we blew it up, and off we went – under the sea, where we met lots of fish, a big pink shark and a lovely friendly whale; to a magic kingdom ruled by King Michris where we had to do a dance to enter; then on the back of a dragon (after cheering him up, because he was sad)!


24 September 2020

What a lovely, warm, exciting session we had on Thursday – it was SO brilliant to meet everyone!

🐸 🦒🐯🐷 We played a brilliant game of FUNKY CHICKEN where we met: Eshal and Ayra’s Angry Roaring Lion, Areeb’s High Jumping Frog, Simmi’s Very Tall Calm Giraffe, Arshiyan’s Scary Tiger, and Crystal and Emma’s Naughty Piggy

🐙 🐢🦈 After that we all blew up our FLYING BALLOONS and flew high above Glasgow, meeting in the sky! When we flew over the whole world we spotted lots of octopuses, starfish, pink turtles, sharks and a big golden fish! Suddenly Jyan spotted Mars, so we flew over to Mars and explored! 

🧀 🍚 🍣 We landed in a space forest, where we met lots of Grannies, and we played MONSTERS’ FOOTSTEPS! Emma, James, Simmi and Modou were all fantastic grannies! Granny Simmi liked eating macaroni cheese, and Granny Modou made rice with fish… delicious! Everyone else was fantastic Monster Trees who crept up on Granny when she wasn’t looking!


26 September 2020

🧚🏽🏰🍌 Saturday was another ENORMOUS play session, welcoming 11 new families – which meant we had a spectacular adventure with the MAGIC BALL! After landing in an enchanted wonderland, Marvellous saw fairies who gifted us wings, so we could fly high above the forest and land in the enchanted city! Lorraine saw lots of bananas… which it turned out belonged to the Fruit Fairy, who baked banana bread! But we couldn’t stop, because suddenly, we spotted some enormous GIANTS! Luckily Lawand knew what to do, and said we had to run really fast and get protection from the Sparkly Giant Princess – who Amanda spoke to in Sparkle Language, and the day was saved!

🚂👻🥣 After jumping on some clouds, we ran down a lane, and then took a quick swim in the river – but Ruby came back and said she’d found a GHOST TRAIN! Adesayo was the train driver and showed us all how to drive it, we then we got off – we met Ope the Ghost! Yumna spoke to him in Ghost and asked if we could go to his house… so off we went, and ate some sweet and salty porridge!

🐺🧛👾 The spooky, scary adventure continued as Miracle and Michelle then spotted not only some wolves, but a vampire… and then became Electronics Monsters! They were bad monsters, so Sylvia told us we had to put water on them… but suddenly, it was time to get home!


Do you live in Govan, Whiteinch, Gorbals
or Easterhouse?

If so, we’re so excited to be starting some smaller Big Porridge & Play Sessions for any of our C&FN members living in these communities! For these ones, you’ll notice there are fewer families than in the bigger Saturday sessions, so there’s more chance to join in, say hello to other families and children, and let us know your fantastic ideas!

⭐  Govan and Whiteinch
Begins Wed 14 October | 4pm-5.15pm
Every Wednesday until 11 November

⭐  Gorbals and Easterhouse
Begins Thu 15 October | 4pm-5.15pm
Every Thursday until 12 November 

If you live in one of these areas and would like to join, please email Ruby on cfn@licketyspit.com or text/call on 07413 800 342.

Don’t forget…

⭐  Our Saturday sessions are open to all children and families. To make sure that we can all get the most out of them, though, we run one ‘open session’ each month where new families are invited to join. The next one is on Saturday 17 October, so please get in touch this week if you’d like to come! We’ll ask you to join the video a little bit earlier, so we can say 👋🏾, a big hello, let you know how it all works, and you can ask any questions you may have.

Make a note on your calendar for the next Open Sessions!
⭐  17 October ⭐  31 October (a Halloween special!) ⭐  21 November

Please email cfn@licketyspit.com or text/call 07413 800 342  and we’ll give you all the details!