Week 2: Freezing Monster Trees & Grandmas!

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1st June 2020

Govan – Tuesday 26th May 2020

FUN FUN FUN!!! Great play session last week!! We had a wee chat about our weekends while we were getting all connected to Zoom and Bob told us about his garden and his plants and we discovered that Ethan, Erin and Leah spent their weekend doing Discos at home!

Funky Chicken was full of great animals: a Flashy Cheetah, a Silly Dog, a Funky Snake, a Silly Panda and a Dying Fly all made an appearance! What a Zoo!

We blew up our Balloons and met up in the sky! As we flew above our dear Green Place Glasgow we got higher and higher and we could see the whole wide world andd elephants in Zimbawe drinking water with their trunks, lions trying to eat us and pop our balloons, Antartica, a giant blue eagle and Jia Chen got stuck in a tornado and we had to rescue him! ‘The Himalayas looked like chocolate and whipped cream’ said Priyangaa and I thought they were a piece of cake!

To finish we all did drawings and had The Licketyspit Art Gallery where everyone is an artist and we shared and admired our artwork inspired on our Big Porridge & Play adventures!

MORE NEXT WEEK!!! See yous all there!! 😎👋🎈🤸‍♂️😊🌈😉🤩

By Taz

Milton – Wednesday 27th May 2020

The sun was shining and the birds signing and we had a wonderful round of dressing up to start with! You can use almost anything for dressing up! A pillow for a hat! Or a tracksuit top for a Granny shawl! Which is handy for Grandma Grandma which was our first game today!
Iona and Taz welcomed a whole new set of strange and wonderful animals to Funky Chicken! Ryan said hello to his Angry Dog! Woof Woof wooooooooof! Mihika gave us her Fancy Dolphin. We all put on our dancing shoes when Iona told us about the Dancing Mouse and Piyanshu and Anohi gave us the slithering snake! Ssssss sssss ssssss!
Flying Balloons was amazing as ever. Piyanshu saw a football stadium just as they scored a Gooooooaaaaallllllll! Iona spotted a rare light pink, light blue and light purple flying horse flying high above us! I wonder where it was going? Amazing! Rebecca saw a sweet shop with flying marshmallows which we grabbed them out of the sky! Delicious!
Our next balloon took us so high above the world that Piyanshu warned to watch out for aliens! Luckily Pallavi spoke Alien and taught us all how to speak it too! Ahmed spotted a rocket and Taz gave us all binoculars to watch it fly! Luckily not towards us! Such exciting places and animals we saw today! In the words of Iona “anytime you like you can blow up your balloon, and you can go anywhere, you can see anything, and you can be anyone”!
In Monsters Footsteps, Granny Ryan was growing tomatoes in her garden and making tomato soup! Delicious! She told us she’d call the Police if she saw a Monster Tree! But the Monster’s kept turning back into trees whenever she looked so they caught her in the end! There was a scary looking Iona tree and Ahmed and Lujain’s trees were so still. Granny Mihika was a hoot despite her bad arm. She lived in a sponge under the sea growing potatoes and tomatoes in her Under-Sea Garden and sponges for her famous sponge cake!
By Jack

Easterhouse – Thursday 28th May 2020

Week 2 and another fantastic session! We ate chocolate cake while flying with our magic balloons, we had a granny that grew rainbows in her garden, we danced like the ‘silly fish!’

In the Funky Chicken we came up with all sorts of animals… especially funny ones – the ‘funny fly’ and the ‘funny fish’ 😂alongside the ‘brown horse’ and ‘flying horse’! We decided that next week it would be very cool to all jump on a flying horse and fly up into the sky!

Because it was such a beautiful, clear day, we could see for miles from our Flying Balloons… over Glasgow we saw a great big green ship on the river Clyde, surrounded by multicoloured rocks that looked like gummy bears. Also on the river was an enormous chocolate cake, so we carefully reached down with one hand and grabbed a piece! We then flew back up high and enjoyed our cake while looking out for what else we could see! We saw a school, but no one was in it because of the lockdown! Instead, we saw lots of people in their houses and we waved to them!

Then there was a very dramatic moment when we spotted a huge dinosaur heading towards a TV shop… and it ate all of the TV’s!!! We were very glad to be up so high, far away from any TV-eating dinosaurs!

We played Monster’s Footsteps for the first time and wow there was some scary trees… First we met the stripey Granny Virginia, who lived in a plum tree and ate lots and lots of plums – she LOVED plums! Then we met two more grannies, one who lived in a grey bungalow with a garden full of pears and plums and another who lived in a green and brown treehouse with a garden full of rainbows! This granny grew the rainbows and then made delicious food with them… like rainbow cake!! YUM!

All of the trees were very beautiful and still when the grannies were watching, but as soon as Granny turned around they turned into scary monsters and crept slowly forwards granny.. ‘gurgle gurgle gurgle’ eek! And then when the granny turned around they turned back into beautiful still trees! It was fantastic! When each Granny got caught we started again!

What a brilliant session. I love Thursday afternoons!! Can’t wait to see you next week Easterhouse! 🌈☀️🌎😃

By Iona


Cooking, Exploring and Making with Taz, Jack and Iona!

We’re very excited to be bringing you a new series of videos as part of Big Porridge & Play Online!

🍳Cooking with Taz – Fridays
🌏Exploring with Jack – Saturdays
🎨Making with Iona – Sundays

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Cooking with Taz

Episode 1 – Lickety Lentil Soup!

🍳 Learning to cook with support from grown ups is a brilliant way to develop healthy eating and a love of good food! These recipes are all simple, affordable and great fun. First up is the classic Lickety Lentil Soup!

Exploring with Jack

Episode 1 – The Pacific Ocean

🌏 When Jack isn’t doing the Funky Chicken he loves exploring and going on ADVENTURES! Each week you can go with him, travelling all over the world to some exciting places, meeting some weird and wonderful animals and asking some strange questions! With your Magic Map you can go anywhere and that’s exactly what we’re going to do…

Making with Iona

Episode 1 – Sock Puppet Pals!

🎨 In her first Making episode, Iona shows you how to make some hilarious singing Sock Puppet Friends with the odd socks at the bottom of your washing basket! Making with Iona brings you craft projects with a theatrical twist, using bits and bobs you can find around the house or in the recycling bag! For grown ups and children to make together! 👩‍👧


Tuesdays @ 3.30pm

Hello from Taz!

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Milton *NEW*

Wednesdays @ 3.30pm

Hello from Jack!

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Easterhouse *NEW*

Thursdays @ 3.30pm

Hello from Iona!

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