Week 4: Love letters, marshmallow monsters & a seahorse picnic!

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What we did in GOVAN

Tuesday 9th June

Love was in the air yesterday at our FABULOUS play session!

We could feel the love on arrival when we the posse got together – there was a sense of anticipation that made us all very excited!

We kicked off with a Mucky Brew packed with spaghetti in tomato sauce, sugar, milk and treacle! Sticky, gooey and delicious. Along came the Washing Song, and we were again nice and clean and giddy and ready to say hi to the Funky Chicken and friends! We met the silly crocodile and the funky crocodile, the angry seagull, the funky lion… There was even a cheeky dinosaur!

After that, I shared a little secret that was not a secret at all…I LOVE my cat, Errol Flynn! AND I’d written a love letter to him to tell him how much I love him! And, as love is wonderful and easy to share, we all got a special letter ready for a special someone like our Mum, Dad, sister and little baby!

So, these letters had to be delivered, and we all got ready in our best dressing-up combos to look our best for our beloveds! A sense of fashion took over and everyone dressed up with tremendous ‘gusto’ (which is the Spanish word for ‘taste’!) With all of us looking fabulous we were ready to play I Sent A Letter To My Love.

Beautiful singing, skipping and letter dropping ensued and we had a right laugh!

And then, then…

I took my wee Magic Ball out of my pocket.

The excitement was palpable. Where would we end up today? Inside a big tomato? Or in a wee hole in the ground?

Magic Ball, Magic Ball take us where we want to go”, we chanted and chanted and – whoooooohooooo! – we landed on THE MOON! We had just started moon-walking about when Jia Chen spotted a secret door! But we don’t have the key, we have to find it”, he said! Quickly, we searched and found moon craters to look for a key to open this door. Jia Chen found the key, opened the door and we all stepped in. There was an island! A moon island where you could find treasure! And we did.

George found a chest full of gold, I found some black moon precious rock and Jack… Well, Jack found something sticky and marshmallow-y looking and decided to taste it! OH! OH JACK! He started to change colour… he started to look a bit like an alien… it was alien marshmallows he had eaten!

Jack shared them with everyone so we could all have a go at being aliens and then we realised that we had turned into dancing aliens! Which turned out to be great fun, though pretty tiring after a while, and even more so when we noticed that we couldn’t stop!

“Muhammed, Muhammed how do we stop?”
“Stand on a chair!”

Muhammed was spot on! Up onto a chair we got and just like that, we stopped dancing. After all that dancing about like aliens we got very hungry. “Did anyone bring anything in their bags?”, I asked. “Yes!” said Gurveer, Simran, Radha and Sahaj, “we’ve got a spiky rainbow colour fruit”. They shared their rare fruit with all of us and it was delicious and peculiar, because it tasted like a mash up of many flavours.

As we were finishing our picnic we heard a voice shouting for help. Jia Chen was so thirsty that he was turning to stone! Luckily, Hamna had the very drink to sort that out and Jia Chen did not turn into stone… phew!

Well, it was was time to return to the Magic Ball to go back to Glasgow – but Iona noticed that there was a lake to cross. How would we do that? George came up with a great idea to build a moon stone bridge! So we all worked together carrying the rocks and building the bridge and then, with great care and balance, we made it across and back into the Magic Ball to return safely home to Glasgow! HUZZAH!

You can imagine how fabulously rich our art gallery was after such adventures – I reckon we could write a book retelling The Incredible Imaginary Adventures of The Govan Posse! 

Can’t wait for next week!

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What we did in Milton

Wednesday 10 June

Last week in Milton, everyone was also feeling the love, and we had such a brilliant time! If we had to pick just a couple of highlights…

🐈  In the Funky Chicken, Arohi invented her first animal – the Funky Cat!

🔮  The Magic Ball took us to two new worlds – Marshmallow Land (very bouncy) and Robots Land (you can run fast and jump high here, and also do whatever you want)

👻 In Marshmallow Land we met the Marshmallow Monster – and Mihika, with her language skills, was able to speak to him in

🎣  When we ran away from Robots Land we landed at a desert island, and Ryan caught us all some fish to keep our bellies full, and we sang some songs.

Can’t wait to see everyone again next week!

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What we did in Easterhouse

Thursday 11 June

Our session in Easterhouse last week immediately got off to a good start, as we picked up a great huge egg… and cracked it on top of our heads! Followed Nutella, flour, cereal and milk, which we mixed all together to make a mucky brew!

We also…

🛁  Felt seriously lovely and mucky after making our brew, so we jumped in the shower and washed it all off, scrubbing all over, singing “ba ba ba ba ba!”

🐔 Jumped into a game of Funky Chicken where we met the fast horse, the giggling guinea pig, the slithering snake and the funky potato man!

🐠  Went on an adventure using the Magic Ball, where we met a fish who told us about an underwater carnival – so, we put on our goggles and masks and swam really fast to find the most wonderful carnival with rollercoasters, candyfloss and lots of multicoloured fish!

🧀  Went to a Seahorse Castle for a seahorse picnic
but it wasn’t like any picnic we had ever had before! Everything was upside down! The cheese tasted like onions, the mango tasted like fish, and the cake tastes like sausages!

I can’t believe we only have two weeks to go! Let’s make them the best!

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Cooking with Taz, Exploring with Jack & Making with Iona:
This week’s new episodes

Phew, what a weekend Taz, Jack and Iona have had! Thanks to Taz, we now know how to make delicious, zingy, mouth-puckering, super-refreshing lemonade. Then, on Saturday, Jack took us on an adventure to the Bolivian rainforest, where we met cheeky monkeys, a creepy caterpillar, and a beautiful blue butterfly – and learned all about what deforestation is. Then on Sunday, Iona showed us how to make beautiful, colourful, delicate leaf rubbings and flower pressings using leaves and flowers we find on our adventures outside.

All our videos are made for you to follow along with at home – why not have a go?!

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