Happy birthdays, baking cakes, and dancing on the moon!

Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play blog, where we share the stories of the adventures we’ve had during our virtual play sessions on Zoom. If you’d like to join our online weekend sessions (every Saturday, from 10.30am), all you need to do is email us at cfn@licketyspit.com or text us on 07413 800 342. We’ll let you know all the details, and which dates we’re welcoming new families at (we do this one Saturday per month – see below for dates). Our sessions are open to all children and families, so please do get in touch!

Saturday 29 August

Birthdays, candles, cakes… what a fun celebration!

Iona Licketyspit shares what happened in last week’s Big Porridge & Play Online – you’ll see for yourself how much fun we had in the picture gallery!

What an energetic, exciting session!
We started things off with ICKERICKEROO, a fantastic song where we discovered our lug listeners (ears), our eye peepers (eyes), our bread baskets (tummies) and our chin wagglers (chins)!

After a fantastic BIG AS A BEAR warm up, we dived into some magical games, and what adventures we had!
Whistles were played as we soared to the moon in MAGIC BALL! We met the happy horse, the funky cat, sneaky cheetah, and the exhausted whale in FUNKY CHICKEN… yawn yawn yawn!

Then, we met the best bakers in the whole wide world in LET’S BAKE A CAKE!
We dressed up in our chefs aprons and hats, becoming a whole group of fantasticosical chefs! We filled a cake with strawberries, plums, raspberries, grapes, white chocolate, flour and sugar. We then decorated it with every flavour of crisps imaginable, mango ice-cream, spiders and coffee, yum! And would you believe it, we had two Lickety-Birthdays – Ruta turned 7, and Queen turned 8 – so we each lit a candle and with cups of tea in hand, sang Happy Birthday

In the MAGIC BALL, we landed atop snowy mountain peaks, and flew up and away on snow-mobiles, off into the sky. We flew up, up, up and then swooped down into an enormous cake spotted by Taiwo! There we met a Cakey Lady who had lived inside this cake with her Cakey Sister (Zainab) for 100 years! They were both rather fed up of cake life and really wanted to go to the moon, so Aliya played her whistle and up we went! Once on the moon we did some moon dancing in moonsuits, and then Yumna led us back to the magic ball! 

What a brilliant adventure!

Iona 😊🌟

Would you like to join in?

⭐  Our Saturday sessions are open to all children and families. To make sure that we can all get the most out of them, though, we run one ‘open session’ each month where new families are invited to join.

⭐  The next one is on Saturday 5 September, so please get in touch this week if you’d like to come! We’ll ask you to join the video a little bit earlier, so we can say 👋🏾, a big hello, let you know how it all works, and you can ask any questions you may have. Please email cfn@licketyspit.com or text/call 07413 800 342  and we’ll give you all the details!

Make a note on your calendar for the next Open Sessions! ⭐  5 September ⭐  17 October ⭐  31 October (a Halloween special!) ⭐  21 November


Making with Iona – Mini Worlds!

This week’s episode of Making with Iona is very special indeed! All the way from a beautiful beach in Ireland, Iona shows us how to make amazing MINIATURE WORLDS using magical bits of treasure that she’s found outside! 🔍🐚💎🌼

You can find treasure ANYWHERE – your garden, your street, your local park, the beach, a forest… All you need to do is take a look around and notice all sorts of magical things, like stripy feathers and pretty stones and flowers with interesting shapes, might be hiding where you’d least expect. All you need is your imagination, and your 🕵️ Explorer’s Hat firmly on! Have fun making your own mini world – and make sure to tell us about it afterwards!

Remember to apply THIS WEEK for tablets!

We’ve had a high level of interest in our Lickety Tablets and will be allocating the remaining tablets on Friday 4th September. Please get in touch by Thursday 3rd September to be considered. We will continue fundraising in order to provide more tablets to eligible families who we are not able to support this time round, and we will be back in touch as soon as we are able to help. Read the full details here.