Tomato Pie in a Californian Garden

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Blog post written by Sarah!

Fabulous Grannies!

Wednesday 29th March

A truly fabulous time was had by all on our wonderful forest adventure and we met some great new friends!

Forest creatures

First we saw some huge bears who were actually quite gentle, some very sneaky foxes and a lot of beautiful swooping and gliding birds. Funnily enough, that Funky Chicken also had some amazing pals to introduce us to and I don’t think we’ll ever forget Rita’s Just a Dog who was so bouncy and Ameerah’s Fat Lion, who was very strong, Jdile’s T Rex Dino, who was very tall and Mohammed’s Crazy Owl, who flew super fast. 

The Catwalk

After all this animal excitement, we decided to get dressed up and show everyone our fine costumes on the Catwalk – there were so many colourful characters and styles, it was just spectacular!

Tomato Pie

We decided with glee that we all looked like incredibly glamorous grannies and in that second, we were mysteriously transported to the wild forests of California where we found ourselves smack, bang in the middle of Granny Ameerah’s garden which was covered in tomato plants. She was the most friendly of Californian grannies and liked to make Tomato pie and although she was a little scared of the trees that transformed into Monsters sometimes, she was very brave and always made an excellent Tomato Pie.

Underpants Poison?!

One minute we were munching delicious tomato pie and the next, we found ourselves in a rather smelly cave in London and who should appear but the fabulous Granny Mohammed who actually grew Underpants Poison! It was really quite a sweet smell like liquorice and aniseed and smelly socks all mixed together, but Granny Mohammed liked it and was definitely not scared of any Monster Trees. In fact, they were more scared of Granny M as it turned out they did not like the perfume of smelly socks. Then, just when we thought we were almost home, we rolled down a hill and landed right at the feet of the amazing Grannies Rainbow Friend and Butterfly.

Rainbow Friend and Butterfly Grannies

It was very warm in their garden with the sun beating down and as we looked around there were rows of colourful watermelons and strawberries and tomatoes. It looked so beautiful and then we saw their house! Wow! It was blue and yellow and made entirely of wood and stone rock and they’d built it all by themselves! These grannies were strong and made a delicious strawberry and apple pie. I’m sure I saw the Monster Trees sniffing the air as the smell was so good.

We had such a great day being glamorous grannies and finding out about all the different types of grannies there are in the world.

Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Sarah, Taz & Camille at Licketyspit

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