Fantastical Forest Creatures

Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 3

Saturday 29th October 2022

Today at Ruchill we found ourselves deep in the forest and met some quite fantastical creatures including a rainbow coloured bat who lived in a tree. Snakey AJ who showed us his fancy blue house with two stories which was delightful and he just happened to mention too, that he loved to eat rats!

Then there was Jeffrey,  a smiley donkey who liked to eat grass and David, the Pirate Wolf who preferred rabbits as a tasty treat! Further into the forest lived Daniel, the lion who dines on  giraffes and Jamie, another wolf, who eats herbivores. Wolf Osman was just quietly munching on cookies and milk minding his own business when right  in the middle of the forest we spied Boatemaa eating some purple fruit and cookies…

I wonder if she was given them by Wolf Osman, as the cookies looked just the same.  Maybe Wolf Osman’s a kind Wolf who shares his cookies! How fabulous!

Just then we looked up and there, up high in a tree, was the lesser-spotted Emmanuel bird who was enjoying some worms. He was perched above Sean, the gorilla who ate human meat and Mohammed the tiger who just ate everything! The forest creatures, we discovered pretty quickly, were keen to know the time, as not one of them had a watch except the Wolves!

And my, what fancy watches the wolves had!

Ice Wolf had got her watch from her birthday party. She’s 6 now! Lala Wolf had simply purchased his from a local shop and Mrs Wolf had found hers in the forest.

She was very scary as she liked to eat little girls and boys, although still seemed to have time for tea and a bit of jogging!

The last wolf we met was Tiny Wolf, who had found her watch on the ground and lived in a cave. She was a very calm wolf who was happy just to draw and sleep. As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, we also jumped into the Magic Ball and ended up in Poland, where we saw  bats in a cave and Jeffrey had to translate  Bat language because it turned out that one little Bat had lost his family and he wanted us to help him!  We scuttled around doing lots of searching and it was Sean who finally discovered the bat family which was quite a relief! Poor wee bat getting lost like that! Happily united with his family and hanging upside down the little bat was tired by then and so we sang Sean’s suggestion of Hey Now to him and the Bat fell asleep. Then we went to The Enchanted Forest and everyone had to disentangle Sarah, as she’d got trapped in the curling tree branches. Then we saw the sun and there was a pool of water, so we all went  swimming in it. We had surf boards, which were great fun and then Gabby found the Starfish! We all crowded around her to see it in her hand.

It was such a beautiful creature.

Then we found a pack of food and shared it – there was pizza with smelly socks, olives, cobwebs and hot-dogs. We all started to feel sleepy then, a bit like the bat, and had some weird and wonderful dreams. Jamie  said a spider chased him  and made him  drink a creepy potion. Gabby dreamt of a magic Unicorn. Sean said a big pumpkin was chasing him and gave him magic powers. David was a German Shepherd chasing a bad guy. Then we woke up and couldn’t find The Magic Ball so we had no way of getting home. We were wondering what to do when the Spirit of the Forest  came and gave us a Magic Light which we pressed once and suddenly we were transported to  the Moon. On the Moon, we found a Spaceship and needed to shrink to get into it as it was so tiny!  We drove the Spaceship and it took us to Fairyland where there were fairies and bugs dancing and the fairies were watching tv and getting ready to go on holiday to earth.

It was so magical and they were all so wee!

One fairy was practising some magic and  Daniel said that  he could feel somebody listening to us and that she needed help. It was one of the little  fairies, she had missed her taxi and needed help. Mohammed said he had the Magic Ball, so luckily, we got back in and took the fairy back to earth where she happily went off on holiday! All was well!

Can’t wait to see where we go next week!

Sarah, Andre & Cami

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

Some of your reflective drawings and what you said about them.

What you said

“That’s the pizza. It had a sock that had a hole in it, some pepperoni, cheese, olives and that’s all I can remember”


“Thats me the gorilla and that’s Jeffrey as the elephant, and that’s a fairy.

And those are trees and that’s when we were playing what’s the time mr wolf.”


“Those are the rockets to go to the moon and these ones were the dressing up clothes.

And these are the buttons.

And also I got brakes to stop the space ship.”


“That’s the happy bat.

That’s the tiny wolf.

The pizza, with spider, olive, hot dog, smelly sock.

That’s the Magic ball.

That’s the fairy, the moon, the magic ball.”


“That’s the balloon and that’s the moon and that’s the pizza slice.”


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