Goblins, Glitter, Fairies & Butterflies!

Porridge & Play Castlemilk

Porridge & Play Castlemilk is a Licketyspit Storyplay project for families with 3-8 year olds in the area.

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Wednesday 26th July

This week Porridge & Play Castlemilk pals got all dressed up & fairy glam to head out to the Forest Fairies and Goblin Trail in Castlemilk Park.

Some of us had big swirls on our faces and lots of glitter. Some of us wore tops & trouser fairy wings striking poses by the library and together we funky marched up the road to Castlemilk park.

A quick climb in the play park before getting our MAPS & entering the woods

suddenly…a Fairy appeared on the Bridge!

the Fairy told Jared she had drank a potion to make herself grow so she could talk to us and that we needed to help her FIND GORDON THE GOBLIN!

Glug glug glug… we followed the smell of goblin grub!

Chitter chatter, sun was shining, stopping not to wonder why, finding lots of butterflies!

Round the woods we went searching for Gordon. It was a relief to find out a few of our pals could speak Goblin and that they could teach the rest of us.

All the way to Castlemilk Stables where people were doing lots of fun things like throwing coconuts, printmaking on tote bags getting their faces painted.

Time for a biscuit, and a big pat on the back for doing our bit to help piece together the puzzle of the missing Goblin Gordon!






The Lickety Art Gallery

‘I spotted Saturn!’

Artist Kevin

I drew the mucky brew with all the disgusting stuff. 

What was your favourite thing?  ‘The cat walk’  

Artist Muizza

‘I drew us doing the fashion catwalk and meeting the giant.’

Artist Aishah

‘Random characters. It’s the land where they make them.’ What did you enjoy today? ‘Getting a library card!

Artist Pemi

‘I drew the funky chicken and the cheeky monkey.’ What did you enjoy today? ‘The dance warm up where you get to copy people’s dancing’

Artist Fiire
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What else is on in Castlemilk?

There’s lots of other summer fun happening in Castlemilk this month.

  • The Library is hosting Arts & Crafts club on Mondays 11-12 & Fridays 2-3.
  • And Lego & Board Games on Saturdays 10.30-1.
  • And there’s lots more on at the Parish Church, Youth Complex and more community venues, as detailed in the poster below.